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Assassment presentation

No description

Cihan Kilic

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Assassment presentation

What seems to be the problem? Summary

Advice What is the main question? What happens if we don’t intervene? Why is it, that the problem has not been solved until now? PowNed in 5 words Raw,
Uncensored Adherents

• Male (77%)
• Young: 18-40 (65%)
• Above average educated (58%)
• High income (41% earns above average)
• High media consumption
• ‘Nerds’ (Downloads a lot and plays online games)
• Top-5 votingbehaviour: SP, VVD, PvdA, CDA and PVV
• Politically interested (70%) Target group

The Net Generation:
• Connected and wired
• Working, studying and playing simultaneously
• Built-in 'bullshit detector'
• Hungry for news
• Respond to everything relevant = INTERACTIVE
• want everything right now = NOWISM (lust for instant gratification)
• Community centered
• Motivated and competitive
• Own language and visually orientated
• Interactive in many cultures and networks

The network generation is estimated to be 4.8 million people (in NL)
Thats 29% of the Dutch population Concept 2 Concept 1 Community bicycle program 1. The environmental issue 2. Obesity 4. Unexpected media coverage 3. Promoting PowNed while riding a bike 5. More brand awareness and a stronger bond Pak de fiets en Pown! PowNed mainly serves two segments:
‘the careless thrill seeker’ and ‘the ambitious fun seeker’.
Good for 30% of the Dutch population of 13 years old or above. Advice 1. Social Media 2. Mobify! The total print circulation of payed daily
papers in Q3 of 2009 is 3.492.855.

In comparison with Q3 of 2008
this is a decrease of 2.9 percent Causes:
- People read less
- Minimal interest by new generations
- Popularity of Television
- ‘Free culture’ internet
- News is quickly outdated
- Free papers
- Recession
- Expensive Concept 3 Concept 4 Bring down the rain 3. Video Vault By 2015, the public broadcastings must diminish by nine.

The cause:

The identity & image of most broadcasters can not be distinguished from one another. PowNed might be forced to merge with another broadcaster
or it might lose its broadcasting privileges altogether. The problem has only presented itself since 2010,
also PowNed is a new player in the field. How will PowNed distinguish themselves from other broadcasters without losing their fundamental beliefs and with it, the support of their followers ? Curriculum of a 21 year old:

• 10.000 videogames hours
• 200.000 emails
• 20.000 television hours
• 10.000 cell phone hours
• < 5.000 reading hours
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