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The Brain

Lobes of the Brain and Parts of a Neuron

Julie Bartanen

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Brain

The Brain Classwork: Lobes of the Brain
Homework: Review Brain Notes SWBAT identify the lobes of the brain and their purpose SWBAT further their understanding of brain function Lobes of the Brain and Function Frontal Lobe Does all decision-making, problem solving and planning Occipital Lobe Controls Vision Parietal Lobe This is where all your senses are located (except vision. Movement is here too! Temporal Lobe Deals with memory and emotion Frontal Lobe! Parietal Lobe! Occipital Lobe! Temporal Lobe! The Strange Case of Phineas Gage With your table partner read the story of Phineas Gage and consider the following questions. How did Phineas Gage change after the accident? How did Phineas Gage's accident change scientists' understanding of the brain? Neurons Classwork: Neurons Homework: None SWBAT identify the part of a neuron
SWBAT analyze the connection between Autism and mirror neurons Neuron Vocabulary Axon: The part of the neuron that takes information AWAY from the cell body. Cell Body: Dendrites: Myelin: Node of Ranvier: Nucleus: Synaptic Terminal: The part of the cell that contain the nucleus. Extension from the neuron cell body that take information to the cell body. Fatty Substance that surround some axons. Gaps in the myelination of axons The end of the axon containing vesicles with neurotransmitters. Part of the neuron that contains chromosomes Questions How have people with Autism enhanced the study of Mirror neurons? What are mirror neurons? What is empathy? Why is it important to have mirror neurons AKA be able to connect with other people?
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