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The United States Breaks Away

3 questions

Logan de Boer

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of The United States Breaks Away

What challenges of coexistence arose
from the Loyalist migration? How did the emergence of the
United Stated shape Canada? Many challenges of coexistence arose with the British, French, and First Nations people living closely together through the war. The Loyalist Migration began in the 1780's because the Patriots were torturing the Loyalists and burning their houses. When the Loyalists arrived, the Canadiens became worried, as now the area was more than 10% taken by British Loyalist. The Loyalists began asking Britain for British laws and customs in Quebec, because "they were British born subjects and have always lived under the government and laws of England." This concerned the Canadiens, because now what would happen to their rights through the Quebec Act of 1774. All though there were many challenges and problems, the 3 groups found ways to live together while they were at war. Different people met the challenges of coexistence that arose from the Loyalist Migration in other ways. One way that the governors helped keep peace was by putting Loyalists in different areas than the Canadiens. The Loyalists moved into Nova Scotia and Lower Canada while the Canadiens lived in Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, and Montreal. Some impacts on the First Nations tribes were that Britain was slowly taking their land through treaties in order to get land for the Loyalists. The First Nations met this challenge by agreeing to fight for the British as long as they were given land. All of the challenges were met or helped somehow, because the 3 different cultures managed to remain in peace while they supported each other in the wars. How did people meet the challenges of coexistence that came with the Loyalist Migration? The United States
Breaks Away By: Logan de Boer V.S. The emergence of the United States changed the way
we do things, and feel about the United States. When the American War of Independence and The War of 1812 started, they created a deeper bond between the British, French, and First Nations. This bond was created because these groups sided together and aided each other through out the wars. Now, even though we are at peace with the USA, we still feel a certain competitiveness with them that we do not feel with any other country. The Loyalists and the Patriots both had victories. The Patriots won the American War of Independence by separating from British rule, and the Loyalists won The War of 1812 because they defended Canada from the invading American troops. Today we have a great trade relationship and friendship with the United States of America. Patriots Loyalists
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