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Lewisville Elementary Library Grades 2 - 5

No description

Michelle Lee

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Lewisville Elementary Library Grades 2 - 5

Lewisville Elementary Library Grades 2 - 5
What are the rules while I am in the Library?
What if I choose not to follow the library rules?
Meet Mrs. Lee
1. Follow Directions Right Away
in a Happy way

2. Show respect to Yourself,
Others, and Library Materials

3. Use Walking Feet

4. Clean up After Yourself

5. Use a Quiet Voice
Verbal Warning

No book check out

Your folder is signed and Your teacher will be notified of your choices

Move to a different spot in the library or classroom.

Your parent/guardian will receive a phone call or note about your choices

Office referral to see the school principal
How to choose
"Just Right"
Books :
1. Choose a book that you think you will enjoy.

2. Read the title and the author.

3. Read the first page.

4. Hold up a finger for each word you are not sure of or do not know.

How to use the
"Five Finger Rule"
0 - 1 Fingers This book is too EASY

2 - 3 Fingers This book is JUST RIGHT

4 - 5 Fingers This book is too HARD.
I will read with a buddy or
choose another book.
What books does the library have for me?
E for everybody GN for graphic novel

SP for Spanish B for biography

F for fiction 398.2 for informational
How to use
shelf Markers:
Putting books away
Books have parts to them. When we are using our shelf markers, if we don't want a book and put it away, it needs to go back how you found it: with the spine facing out. You can also put it on the green or blue carts.
Books go home in your backpack. If I want to read a book at home, I take it out to read and then put it back in my backpack when I am done. Books come back to school with me everyday.
Taking books home:
If I need your attention, I will clap. After I clap, you clap too. Then your eyes are on me and your voices are off.


I will say "Ponies"
You will say "Rock"

What are just right books for you?
Sit crisscross applesauce
on the rug.

Eyes Watching
Ears Listening
Mouth Quiet
Body Still

Story Time Area Rules
How to Check Out a Book
You will get to check out
two books at a time.
1. Scan your library card or type in your number
2. Listen for the "OK" chime sound
3. Make sure YOUR name is on the screen. Scan the barcode on the back of the book. Make sure not to touch the scanner.
4. Listen for the "OK" chime sound that says the book is checked out to you.
5. Click the reset button. Make sure your name disappears.
How to Check In a Book
1. Scan barcode on the back of the the book.
2. Listen for the "OK" chime sound
3. Make sure the title of the book AND your name are on the screen.
4. Place your book with the matching letter or number on the blue cart.
At the end of last year
there were 49 books lost books.
That is a total of $712.15
Meet Mrs. Khimji
Class DoJo Points - Can earn individual and class points. Points can also be taken away. Every specials class will be doing this.
Class: Sticker chart for prize bucket or a "special" prize ,
5 stickers = Reward
So, How Does
the Library Work?
First, I borrow two library books.
Next, I take good care of the books while I have them.
Last, I return the books back to the library.
What happens if I loose or damage the book? What if I forget my book at home?
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