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wonderful cities

No description

lucia larrea

on 14 February 2016

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Transcript of wonderful cities

wonderful countries
South Africa
Kruger National Park supports the greatest wildlife species.
It is situated in the Wenstern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Nearly 70% its uninhabitable and covered by mountains,glaciers,moors and rivers
The country can be divided into three distinct geographic regions: the Himalayan region in the north, which contains some of the highest mountains in the world, the Gangetic Plain, and the plateau region in the south and central part.
For nine consecutive years (1994-2002), a United Nations survey found Canada to be among the top three places in the world to live.
It is the world’s second-largest country (9,976,140 km2).
More than 45,000 species of plants have been identified in Colombia, but it is predicted that when the region is thoroughly explored that number may be doubled
The seasons are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere so for example Summer runs from November to February.
English is the main language although Aboriginal and other languages are spoken at home.
There are more than 40 millions of kangaroos in Australia now, more than the total population of Australia
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