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Copy of Non Fiction Text Features

No description

Emily Darstein

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Non Fiction Text Features

What are text features
and how do they help me? Non-fiction Text Features Title Tells me the name of the book or article I am reading and focuses my attention to the subject. Types of Print Tells me that a word is important or is defined. Photograph Picture produced by a camera that helps me visualize the text. Illustration Hand drawn or computer generated picture that helps the reader visualize the text. Caption Words next to or under an illustration or photograph that explains what it is or is about. Close-Up Map A picture that shows the reader the location of things or places from the text. Table of Contents Shows the reader the heading and page number of each section in the text. Glossary An alphabetical list that helps the reader with the meaning of new or important words in the text. Index An alphabetical list that helps the reader find topics, people, and places found in the text. Heading Tells the reader what the section is about. Subheading Helps the reader to "chunk" the text into smaller parts that are related to the heading. Sidebar Usually located on the side of the page and gives the reader more information related to the topic or picture. The Big Question is . . . How do text features help me to understand non-fiction text and to find information to answer questions about what I read? Now let's practice . . . 1. This text feature gives me information about __________________________________ and _____________________________________________________.

2. I think the main idea of the text is ___________________________.

3. I think I might learn _________________ from the text. Close-ups help the reader see details in something small.
Cut- Away A picture to help understand what something looks like from the inside.
Comparison Helps understand the size of one thing by comparing it to the size of something else.
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