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Educated mongolian

Боловсролын чанарын шинэчлэлийн хөтөлбөр

GPYC Mongolia

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Educated mongolian

The education policy aims at appreciation of a happy family, competitive human resource and an individual that educated in balance of three basics of forming positive personal behavior, fostering talent and attaining knowledge.

Science policy
Encouraging of comprehensive Education-Science cooperation, strengthening efficient financial and administrative management based on quality upgrade of market demand. The concept of Education sector quality reform “ A man is known at childhood and a horse is known at foal hood” or shift from the understanding of teaching of every child to an understanding that seed an interest in learning process and environment to love reading books and getting ability to learn and help them to be ambitious in life. We aim that it should be systematic help and regular work for setting up cooperation of the parents and teachers. Structure of the Education Science Quality Reform Human development encouragement is the main tool of the education process and it will focus on life-long development through human–centered humane education service.

Forming process of a Correct Mongol Man continues in families in societies in all environments that the child is present but not only in the school halls. It is the on the cross point of interaction of society, school, family education and the personal human being education.

Therefore school is the human development center which plays an important role in determining the development in families and societies basing on social and public participation. Point of Education Science Quality reform The policy aims at the valuable contribution in the social and economic development of the nation through boosting of research & innovation activities, improving the quality of research works.
Provide different environment and circumstances for educating Correct Mongol Man, who will be well educated, highly competitive, creative and patriot in addition he or she should honor the value of civil democratic society. Factors of
Education Science Quality reform To create a program PROPER MONGOL CHILD to shape a patriotic citizen, who strides at learning abilities that will allow them to adapt life in society and within this scope of framework to develop a standard curriculum meeting the needs of educating and maturing and integrating pre-school and secondary school children into future citizens with a high moral of respecting national culture and traditions in the spirit of Mongol national proudness. - Hammering out state reform policy in education sector

- Creating and implementing BOOK program..

- Creating opportunities through the establishment of training centers at National and Natural History museums for learning and obtaining knowledge and information about culture and history of their nation. The centers will run online and video presentations for the children. - Formulating criteria for Mongol children development at all levels of education, pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education levels.

- Adopting and implementing Proper Mongol Child program Implementing a renewed and improved curriculum and program of teaching to developing and forming child intellectuality, positive behavior attitude within the scope of framework of pre-school education
Creating and implementing new curriculums, program and new teaching approaches for the pupils through discovering, encouraging and developing of every child’s interest, creativity, talent and ability involving every child in leaning. - Upper secondary education curricular content is to carry out rational streaming programs will be panned and implemented in order to create additionally enriched program for learners paying attention to their interest, talent and career profession orientation. - Creating and using new methods and approaches of evaluation system at every level of education sector

- Adapting and implementing of TALENT program to developing every child

- Establishing national education quality monitoring institution and it will run quality surveillance every three years.

- Fostering non-formal education into life-long learning system and aim to create a new better financing of incentive promotion structure for encouraging of any advanced form of teaching approach, content, and better method of evaluating and testing the learners knowledge and creation of favourable learning environment, publishing text books as well as training teachers and qualifying them. Enhancing the administration and parent cooperation development at kindergarten and schools and formulate regulations and guidance of parents-school administration cooperation. Set up legal regulations facilitating to make the education policy, activities and education system administration and leadership performance transparent and open to all; involve parents and the community in the formation and implementation of education policies. Create and processing documentations of e-learning materials translate into native language and designate required standards of information programs accessing information technology advancement into use at the secondary education sectors Open and use widely learning electronic websites, video lessons and various textbooks in the information technology training Creation of favourable legal conditions and enriching with smart policies to use information technology in learning process Providing secondary and higher education institutions with high-speed internet accesses. Carry out implementation of two–step provision of Personal computers and Smart boards in classrooms Establishing and using salary and motivation incentives basing on frank assessment of teachers ability, work performance and skillfulness. For that reason TEACHER program will encourage and enable the teachers affording accommodations, earning a good lifewhile raising the prestige and value of their profession. Create and implement COMPETITIVE MONGOL MAN project. Renovate the priority list of profession training due to research work and to train 300 students at international top universities Renovate the priority list of profession training at the foreign higher education universities in the scope of Intergovernmental talks, agreements and programs and State Training Fund financing and to train 300 students at international top universities - Create and implement COMPETITIVE MONGOL MAN project Providing the opportunities for disabled children to use special textbooks and equipments thus supporting them to enter to the higher educational colleges, institutes and universities To creating favourable environment for learning through the implementation of increasing number of schools and kindergartens and expanding some of them Constructing and extending of schools, kindergartens and their dormitories, planning of midterm repairment and run them in consequence of the plan
Improving and adopting the standards of school environment
Launch establishing SMART schools in concession with other orders and rules
Renovating school and kindergarten furniture and equipment and improving sanitation standard and renew and supply new toys at the kindergartens
Requirements and standards of materials, design and sewing technology of pupils uniforms will be tested and licensed considering all special conditions and dimensions of children age, physiology and local climate features. Education sector reform through the policy implementation of every learner, student and teacher development Reorganizing the service for school lunches and adjusting the requirements of to the program

Review expenditure normative of food regularly for the children at schools and kindergartens including children who stays in the school dormitories or boarding schools regarding children physiology, nutritiousvalue norm of food and the last non stable food price rate

Improving the provision of accommodation capacity and renovation of kitchen equipment of the dorms will be performed

Keeping regular control of the SCHOOL LUNCH program from the specialized professional institutions and parents representatives. Needed measurements will be taken for sudden risks. Putting more toilettes and taps in the schools and improving the sanitation of school toilettes and bathrooms Set up education management information system and it will access to create electronic network of information for the teachers to be consolidated under their common profession goals, sharing experiences and providing self-development to them. Increase the capacity of toilettes and restrooms of schools and kindergartens in the cities and local areas add numbers of taps and lavatory pans for children

Building more numbers of toilettes inside and outside the schools in the local areas and improve the sanitation of restrooms into needed standards

Better solutions on safe drinking water access will be find and drilling more wells near the schools and kindergartens in local areas Stronger requirements and standards will be drawing to the teacher training universities and colleges. And step up the enrollment exam thresholds. Decrease number of the low quality institutes and universities transferring into system of training combining training and research in learning to graduate specialists that are in demand of contemporary markets. Besides, to promote fostering to establish and designate research- industry-testing incubator laboratories, high technology companies and introducing and using them in markets on the support of the state. Create legal basis and environment for carry out amendments in Higher education law, Education law for strengthening tertiary education and fostering reforms in education sector
Introduce modern technologies of quality leadership and administration in education sector
Create world class competitiveness of education administration and leadership of universities based on training-research attitude
Strengthening advancing innovations of Intellectual properties resulted from scientific researches and analysis into practice and industry thus inventing and transferring 100 know-how technologies Mastering science sector innovations into infrastructure sector development
Support and appreciate know-how and inventions and innovations transfer from the science centers of institutes and universities into boosting pilot companies, and small enterprises
Provide and reorganize State Accreditation Office into independent institution with high potential office that protected legally thus aiming to facilitating 10 programs for international accreditation certificate Provide a good coherence of market demand for preparing specialists thus tighten the enrollment exam requirements while making it open and democratic to the public
Expanding cooperation of education institutions and job vacancy providers while promoting partnership or state and private sectors
Promote and appreciate academic and research works and projects fostering policy to develop and advance post graduate studying
Additional 3000 beds in dormitories will be in use Renovate and improve the physical education training at all level of education sector thus promoting to provide with specially trained teachers while keeping re-designate physical education programs and increasing salary for the trainer teachers Opening Childcare and boarding centers at the pre-school education level Re-designate and implement physical training program considering every child’s healthy physical development and their talent
Provision of all secondary schools with own gym and sport field outside the school
Re-designate the university physical training programs, approaches and methods comparing them with advanced ones
Secondary education school teacher trainer will be provided additional fee and incentives providing to run more sport trainings individually and collectively
Create to legal possibility to have physical training specialist at local area schools as full staff teacher Create legal basis to establish childcare service centers at the pre-school education level Get more results and higher quality scientific and technology processes 1. Promote and facilitate to establish at least a branch of internationally recognized universities of technology and engineering
Launch pilot initiative of establishing a university of technology into realization with the help investment of German Federation Advance management, economic, financial and investment policy in education and science sector Improve education quality, sufficiency and its competitiveness and set up new mechanism of life-long learning Education first Prosperous Nation rooted from citizens
Powerful citizens shaped from early childhood Every child benefits from the
education policy Children have a fundamental right to free primary/ basic/ schooling of good quality. Governments have pledged to uphold this right. Even in the worst circumstances, education helps to give children confidence to face the future.

We must not deny the promise of quality education to any child. The stakes are too high. When we put education first, we can end wasted potential and look forward to stronger and better societies for all. 

Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General of the United Nations
New-York, September 2012 “Prosperous Nation rooted from citizens, Powerful citizens shaped from early childhood”. For the nation to be prosperous, to be developed, to be fortunate we must thrive to care and bring up our children educated, well mannered. Every family should have friendly atmosphere for forming the child’s positive nature.

Every child, every man must be a good citizen just then it can provide nation with a chance to prosper and be best-known throughout the world. I call on all the parents to learn more wisdom of educating their toddlers from different sources of scholars. Namely, “Blue Sutra” of Injinaash, a famous wise writer, who had written his wisdoms and among which he advised to treat your child honoring and respecting as a king at the age of 1-3, and caring your child best as a sweet queen at the age of 4-6, and coordinating and advising your child as your rabble between 6-15, but when your child is over 15 you should treat the child as your best friend.

President of Mongolia
September 1, 2012 Mongolian government and all institutions, all directors, scholar- researchers, every parent should consolidate their wisdom and energy and work in harmony having common commitment-all for our children and they will prosper Mongolia.

Quality reform, simple word is understood as the means and ways how to educate our children and it even conveys its coordinating measurements and results.

For us the quality is important than the quantity therefore we want to learn more closely what are the ambitions, dreams and how high is Mongol children’s talent through a wide range of research and surveys and it allows us to work out proper method of educating every Mongol child if possible.

Under the banner of One Nation, One value of a nation our cultural tradition and committed goals help us to find out the uniqueness of every Mongol child and young man and open their own world then our collective enforcement will bring the result of educating purposeful future citizens with own methods and experience to learn new skills life-long and for that we should act towards one another in spirit of great success.

Luvsannyam GANTUMUR
Minister of Education and Science
September 1,2012 Get more results and higher quality scientific and technology processes - Developing and carrying out policies resulting near to world – class standard level through the implementation of new teaching content, goals, curriculum and evaluation methods while reorganizing and improving the structure and organization of teaching at schools. Set up legal regulations to transfer the rights to the local and district authorities to nominating, electing and appointing the school principle and directors of kindergartens openly involving the community, parents and students. Бүх шатны суралцагчид болон багш, ажиллагсад, байгууллагын
мэдээллийн нэгдсэн сан бүхий “Боловсролын удирдлага, мэдээллийн үндэсний систем”-ийг боловсруулж аюулгүй байдлыг ханган ажиллана. Ажилтан албан хаагч, багш эцэг эх,
оюутан сурагчийн хоорондын харилцааг
дэмжих зорилго бүхий
"Нийгмийн харилцааны мэдээллийн
удирдлагын систем" -ийг боловсруулж
нэвтрүүлнэ. Боловсролын салбарын нэгдсэн систем болон
төрийн бусад байгууллагын системүүдтэй мэдээлэл солилцох "Системийн интеграцчилалыг удирдах систем" -ийг боловсруулж нэвтрүүлнэ.

Хүүхэд нэг бүрийн хөгжил, чадавхийн өсөлт, өөрчлөлтийн цахим мэдээллийн санг үүсгэж, хөгжлийн хөтөлбөртэй болгоно. Бүх түвшний боловсролын
байгууллагын портал вэб сайтыг
үүсгэх, нэгдсэн байдлаар удирдах
"Портал, вэб сайтын удирдлагын
систем" -ийг боловсруулж
нэвтрүүлнэ. Боловсролын нэгдсэн системийн
дотоод үйл ажиллагаа тогтвортой
ажиллагааг хангах "Зөөлөн ба хатуу
дэд бүтцийн удирдлагын систем"-ийг
боловсруулж нэвтрүүлнэ. - Боловсролын интернэт сүлжээ байгуулах ажлын хүрээнд сум
дүүргийн холбооны дэд станцаас ерөнхий боловсролын
сургууль, цэцэрлэг хүртэл өндөр хурдны өргөн зурвас
/шилэн кабель/ -ын сүлжээ байгуулж, холбоно.

- Сургууль, цэцэрлэгт интернэтийн үйлчилгээ үзүүлнэ.

- Бүх шатны боловсролын байгууллагыг найдвартай,
тогтвортой, хяналттай интернэтийн үйлчилгээгээр хангах
Эрдэмнэт сүлжээний төвийн өргөтгөл, шинэчлэлийг хийж,
боловсролын салбарын интернэт үйлчилгээ үзүүлэх төв
болгоно. Боловролын нэгдсэн системийг нэвтрүүлэх
гол нөхцлүүдийн нэг болох ЕБС, цэцэрлэг бүрт
дотоод сүлжээ байгуулна. Creating Education and school administration national information data base that will contain general information of education institutions. The information system will be protected.

Extending access of internet network provision and connection infrastructure will be facilitated. Adopting and implementing TEACHER program to promote teacher development To create and implement requirements and standards to the teacher training institutes and universities Teacher training and engineering will be in the center of special attention while appreciating and encouraging successful students Implementing reforms in engineering education and launching CDIO/ Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate/ sample.

Set up legal regulation to promote successful students of certain profession of priority need of engineering and teaching and free their tuition fee partly.

Assessing curricula of teacher training and engineering institute and universities to apply for international accreditation. Launch mounting Ger-kindergartens in local administrative units where it needs and increase of enrollment in pre-school child care institutions. Review and implement of training service requirements in pre-school education innovation
Accessing in increase of net enrollment ratio of herdsmen family children in pre-school education in local and remote areas through opening Ger –kindergartens, lengthen attendance hours at kindergartens and ensure more budgeting in pre-school education.
Facilitate provision of Ger-Kindergartens with needed training materials. Opening one National
e-teaching centers at the institutes and universities three subsidiary branches of it and one general
E-Library respectively 2. Get more results and higher quality scientific and technology processe
Faster launching of constructing students campus
Adopting the general plan of technical and economic assessment of students campus and start constructing the first part of the huge construction
To start constructing students campus at Erdenet Copper mine in Erdenet city Get more results and higher quality scientific and technology processes 3. Tie up financing of science and technological fund promotion and centralizing the academic and science researches at the institutes, universities and policy making centers - Tie up and increase the financing of education sector investment to the Master Plan of the development of science and technology

- Re calculate and re-designate the distribution of financing in science and technology sectors; improve and strengthening the research works and upgrade the results and monitoring of them into new higher level Transferring and renovating the management, administration of the education science sector based on democratic independent and open principles with active community participation Founding national fund to develop education sector achievements to enhance new learning standard initiatives and ideas Facilitating legal environment of enhancing of autonomy of state –owned institutes and universities
Facilitating legal regulations to shifting into self-administrating principles promoting of autonomy;
to run open nominating and electing of the rectors and directors of the higher education institutes and universities attracting active public participation
Renovate solution making structure basing on the principles autonomic administration with active involvement of public in monitoring of financing and all activities of all level education institutions
Submit, adopt and implement re-designated and improved management program of science and technology sector.
Defining possible sudden risks in the legal regulation and activities of the science and technology sector ; implementing inter institutional auditing actions.
Implement structure based on results ; modernize legal environment in education, science sector Establishing and launching education technology facilitating fund EDUCATED MONGOLIAN EDUCATION, SCIENCE SECTOR QUALITY REFORM PROGRAM Four Priorities in Action Performance Improve the quality of SCHOOL LUNCH program Create regulations for differentiating the diagnosis of the disabled children learning at ordinary secondary educational schools
Increase the investment promoting favorable environment for learning of disabled children at ordinary secondary schools
Review and re-designate the text books, monographs and other facilities for the disabled children
Expanding the special fields of learning of specialized secondary schools thus providing opportunities for the enrollment of disabled children into the institutes and universities
Realize the provision of text books and equipments for the disabled students who study at the higher education institutions
Implement Bus service to the secondary education special schools for the disabled children Decrease number of the low quality institutes and universities transferring into system of training combining training and research in learning to graduate specialists that are in demand of contemporary markets. Besides, to promote fostering to establish and designate research- industry-testing incubator laboratories, high technology companies and introducing and using them in markets on the support of the state. Decrease number of the low quality institutes and universities transferring into system of training combining training and research in learning to graduate specialists that are in demand of contemporary markets. Besides, to promote fostering to establish and designate research- industry-testing incubator laboratories, high technology companies and introducing and using them in markets on the support of the state. Decrease number of the low quality institutes and universities transferring into system of training combining training and research in learning to graduate specialists that are in demand of contemporary markets. Besides, to promote fostering to establish and designate research- industry-testing incubator laboratories, high technology companies and introducing and using them in markets on the support of the state. Get more results and higher quality scientific and technology processes 1. Pre-school education: overall ability development of intellect, logical thinking and disseminating abilities of everyday life positive habits, and use teaching methods for creating a positive communicative behavior. 2. Primary education: To develop the good nature of children, to create for them the fondness of knowledge and the preliminary basic virtues and skills for learning with enthusiasm avoiding to grade the young pupils not allowing to jealously compete with each other for the good marks. But grade latterly objectively evaluating their real possibility and gift. Later in the upper secondary education level they pupils should be graded with numbers. 3. Creating renovated effective teaching system to educate every child at primary and basic secondary education levels through creation of improved, innovative and well-organized teaching technology, methodology focusing on every learner and all the measures will be to encourage and discover every child’s talent, ability and interest. 4. Upper secondary education: to carry out flexible streaming program enriched in additional programs considering and facilitating the pupil’s future career orientation and talent. Help the pupil to be educated and matured in good experience to learn being capable in expressing her or himself, ambitious to learn life- long. Internal factors:
Educating active responsible citizens of the society achieving of our Supreme goal of the education sector using perfectly adequate curriculum that meets the measurement of quality development tendency, human resource and we should provide sufficient, humane and healthy learning environment for the pupils.

External factors:
The reform will be implemented fully when the society has healthy legal environment and positive policy reform performance besides monitoring structure should be based on public. In addition there should be an encouragement of budgeting or investing of financial support of education service and attracting the investors. Furthermore we should focus on the abundant use of national and international cultural tradition of educating young generations. Education sector reform through the policy implementation of every learner, student and teacher development EDUCATED MONGOLIAN EDUCATION, SCIENCE SECTOR QUALITY REFORM PROGRAM
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