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Creative Brief

No description

Brooklyn Jarvis

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Creative Brief

Guerilla Marketing To appear as commercials for shows such as:
Parks and Recreation
Daily Show/Colbert Report
New Girl
Arrested Development

Also utilize Hulu commercials for the same demo'd shows. Commercial/Viral Video Creative Pitch Target Audience
Millennials/Gen Y
Brand awareness for Campbell's
Want something delicious, convenient and practical

Progresso/Private Label brands
The traditional Campbell's soup Creative Brief Taylor Swift Meme's Social Components Commercial/Viral Video Print Campaign Print Campaign To run in national magazines such as
Vice Magazine
Rolling Stone
To appear at transit locations such as
New York City subway
Washington, DC metro
Seattle commuter train
Portland light rail and streetcar systems
Billboards in
New York City
Los Angeles, CA
Austin, TX
Portland, OR
Richmond, VA Print Campaign Everyone deserves a high quality and delicious, yet quick and on-the-go meal that gives them the time to do the things they really love. Big Idea Single-Minded Proposition
Go! Soup is delicious and convenient, giving you more time to do the things you love

Supporting Evidence
Only takes 2 minutes to cook
Easily transportable and lightweight bag
Flavors based on foodie's top picks
Inexpensive ($2.99) Creative Brief Objectives
Setting Go! Soups apart from the rest
Increase awareness
word-of-mouth/buzz advertising
Increase sales Creative Brief Creative Brief Campbell's Go! Soups Social Components Phone Game
Similar to "Words with Friends"
Interact with friends while promoting brand awareness
Social Iphone App that will feature different Go flavors.
National Soup Day
Raise awareness through social media sites such as
Facebook, Twitter, etc. Print Campaign Print Campaign Components and Media Planning
Print Campaign
Pulsing pattern
Pulsing pattern
Guerilla Marketing
Social Media
Phone App Game
Youtube Channel
National Soup Day Execution Tone of Voice
Youthful, fun, outgoing, and sense of humor that matches Gen Y.
Millennials identify with playfulness and appreciate brands that don't take themselves too seriously

Must communicate the convenience of the product
Must communicate a lifestyle Creative Brief Pinterest http://pinterest.com/campbellsgo/ Social Components Questions? Class Example
Demonstrated how fast and convenient Go! Soups are. Storyboard Plot:
Girl takes a bite of Campbell’s Go Soup for the first time and is instantly compelled to try other new things for the first time, tying in with our slogan, "have a GO at it." ADdesire Agency
Shelley Gosaie, Brooke Jarvis, Thibaut Grialou, Shannon Haskins, Kevin Harrell Video: https://vine.co/v/bP5ZtPKtv37?fb_action_ids=4718712656978&fb_action_types=vine-app%3Apost&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582
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