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No description

kalyn hamilton

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of ECO FREAK :)

ECO FREAK :) Whats going on? Are world is in grave danger of global warming. Most people are not helping. Why not you though? You can make a diffrence. What I Will Do I will make a
difference by
recycling. I will also use the steps reduse, reuse, recycly. I Also Will I will use reusable
water bottles to save
plastic. So we want pollute our oceans. One More Thing I will also
not liter. This is so I want hurt animals My House Hold My house hold will....
conserve water
switch to eco friendly light bulbs. What You and Your School could Do Your school can...
Use laptops instead of paper,
use plastic trays instaed of styrofoam.
The End Problems Problems There are many problems going on in the world, but the main problem is global warming. Did you know that we use so much paper, cans, and water bottles that its hurting the enviroment. Also polution from fossil fuels and trash can be stoped to by switching to solar energy and keeping it clean. WOOP WOOP I LOVE YOU :)
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