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Architecture Photography

No description

Brock Gilmer

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Architecture Photography

Architecture / Urban Landscape Photography
The detailed shot:
Features individual elements of a building’s interior or exterior.
Indirect portraits of creators.
Most interesting details above eye level- telephoto lens
New or old- all visually interesting.
New- details may look more abstract.
Longer than normal lens to isolate subject, and large depth of field so most of the image is in focus.

Shooting an objects shadows along with the actual building will make the photo more visually appealing.

The Big View
Whole building shots or the big view
Take picture far away or with a wide angle lens
The further away the less distortion
Closer up more wide. further away less wide.
More texture when shot from the side.

Looking Back
Architecture photography was very popular for the beginning of the camera due to the long exposure times needed to get an actual photo. Buildings couldn’t move very easily and made them easy to take pictures of.
Charles Negre began to use photographs as a way to sketch the building on a piece of paper. This actually led to his abandonment on painting and move to photography.
“Try for a record of emotion rather than a piece of topography.” - Frederick H. Evans

Use lines to lead the viewers eyes
Patterns are visually appealing
Foliage and other natural occurrences can make or break an outside shot
Look for patterns everywhere.

Photographing the Built Environment

Can record shots of whole room or focus on smaller details.
Seen as concentrating on presence of people who live in the rooms
wide angle lens to photograph entire room
Limited in where to place the camera.
Detailed shots- normal or short telephotos
Depth of field and f-stop are important.
Interior photos look best when everything is in focus
f/11 or f/22
More detail= slower shutter speed.
Use tripod.

Interior Views:
Trey Ratcliff
HDR Architecture and Urban landscape photographer
State Capital of Texas at Dusk
Lincoln Barbour
As a well known photographer, Lincoln takes some superior shots of both inside and outside shots.
Ezera Stroller
A traveling photographer
and famous in the Google+ community
Eiffel tower
When he was a student he photographed buildings, models and sculptures.

Talented by visualizing formal and spatial aspirations of modernist architecture.
Shaniah Williams
Shaniah Williams
Brock Gilmer
Jerrid Wingert
Brock Gilmer
Jerrid Wingert
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