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No description

Sam Spitzer

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Photography

2/5/15: Do Now
In your sketchbook/notebook, please write how much work you think you still have to do on this project, or what you may need help with. PLEASE DO NOT STAY SILENT, LET SOMEONE KNOW IF YOU NEED HELP!

02/05/15 : Hacer Ahora
En su cuaderno de dibujo / portátil, por favor escriba la cantidad de trabajo que usted piensa que todavía tiene que hacer en este proyecto , o lo que es posible que necesite ayuda. POR FAVOR NO permanecer en silencio , que alguien sepa SI NECESITA AYUDA.
CLO: SWBAT write an ivnentory of where they are at and where they need to be in order to finish this project on time.
2/6/15: Do Now:
Upload your projects to dropbox. I want you to do this now, so that in case there are problems, we can get them fixed before the end of class.

02/06/15 : hacer ahora :
Sube tus proyectos a Dropbox . Yo quiero que hagas esto ahora , para que en caso de que haya problemas, podemos solucionar los posibles problemas antes de que el final de la clase .
CLO: SWBAT listen to teacher instructing them how to solve problems with dropbox in order to get projects turned in on time.
2/9/15: Do Now
Please grab all 3 handouts from the front table. We will put them in our sketchbooks/visual journals/notebooks together.
CLO: SWBAT speak to each other and collaborate on the camera scavenger hunt...Without using the internet as a resource, then, as a class, we will discuss our findings.
2/2/15 Do Now: In your visual journal, please write down for me what you did or did not do while I was out. Please be specific so I know how best to help you move forward from here.
CLO: SWBAT listen to teacher, as well as, speak about their time with a substitute, in order for the teacher to understand where they are and how to move them forward.
2/3/15: Do Now:
Please write down for me the word you will be using for the name in architecture project. Please describe why it's important to you.
03/02/15 : hacer ahora :
Por favor escriba para mí la palabra que va a utilizar para el nombre de la arquitectura del proyecto. Por favor, describa por qué es importante para usted.
CLO: SWBAT speak with neighbors about what word they are going to use for their assignment and why, then gain responses from their partner, positive or suggestions.
2/4/15: Do Now
Please draw in your visual journal how you want your word to be layed out when you put it into photoshop. What's a layout? If you don't know, look it up on the internet.

04/02/15 : Hacer Ahora
Por favor dibuja en su diario visual cómo quiere que su palabra para ser planteado al ponerlo en photoshop.
CLO: SWBAT look at visual information on teacher website regarding word in architecture photographs in order to successfully create their own word in architecture.
CLO: SWBAT write out a plan for their next project, reflecting on teacher written questions, reflecting on research they've begun and on ideas they may have started.
2/11/15: Do Now
Please research and write down the description and web address for:
1 bird's eye example that is interesting to you and why.
1 worm's eye example that is interesting to you and why.
02/02/15 hacer ahora : En su diario visual , por favor escriba para mí lo que hiciste o no hiciste mientras yo estaba fuera . Por favor sea específico , así que sé cómo ayudar mejor a usted se mueve hacia adelante desde aquí .
-Picture of baby
-Expectations of what students should have done at this point
-family layers project
-name in architecture
-should be mostly done
-How do I help my neighbor?
-Feedback on time with sub/not just a complaining session.
-Review of yesterday
-what you should be working on now.
-where are you going with your projects?
-Get up, find a partner and share
-explain process for this
-work time/studio working...checking out cameras, or at computer family portrait, or name in architecture project.
-Looking at a few examples of layout
-How can you use size and position to make a better artwork?
-Look at the big picture! Lean back from your computer screen to see what it looks like as a whole image, not just individual ones. (If a picture isn't quite working out, trash it)
-Individual work time, make sure that BOTH projects are turned in before the end of class on Friday...NO EXCEPTIONS.
The importance of speaking up if you need help
Getting help
Studio time to finish well and on time
-District art show deadline on Monday. Write down if you have anything you want to be considered for the show. I can only put in 10 works, and 2 senior portfolios of 5 works each.
-Upload photos to dropbox
-Finish photos INSIDE class
-If you need help with dropbox, ask neighbors, as well as me...so that we can problem solve as to what the problems might be

...common solutions:
-file is too large
-document is not in JPEG format (File-Save as-JPEG)
-File is not flattened before save (Layer-flatten image-file-save as-JPEG
Dropbox/Last week
-Elements and Principles are part of the Expressive Features and Characteristics
of Art.
Scavenger Hunt
Collaboration/then as a class
introduction to new assignment
2/10/15: Do Now
The paper at your desk is not yours to keep.
Please read it and begin answering the questions in full sentences in your visual journal in order to have a good beginning to a plan for your birds-eye/worms-eye view project.
-Review design cycle
-Review questionairre
-Answer questionairre
-Additional research needed to begin project
-Final outline of what student would like to pursue for this project.
CLO: SWBAT speak with neighbors or partner about he basic idea they have for their extreme perspective photos in bird's eye and worm's eye.
Research examples, write them down
What is your idea????? You need to have one. Talk it through with your neighbor. Ask questions, give advice.
Planning phase. I want printouts, drawings, written description of the meaning of what you chose
You WILL NOT start without a plan.
2/12/15: Do Now
Please go to your dropbox and make sure that all of your files and folders are cleaned up. If there are folders with nothing in them, please erase them. Today I am uploading grades. If there are missing assignments, it will go in as missing. I have already graded, so if you turn something in today, you'll need to tell me so I can re-do your grade.
CLO: SWBAT write a plan for their project, beginning to take practice photos and revise their initial draft.
-Prior projects
-New project: What's your plan? What's your idea?
-Take practice photos: Find places to get up high safely..get down low.
-Now that you have an idea of what kinds of troubles you will face, how will you revise your draft to counteract this?
2/13/15: Do Now
In your sketchbook, please write down 4 ways you'd like to spend your valentine's day.
-Talk about idea/theme
-If you have one, you are free to take practice photos, or first round photos
-If you don't have one, you will be at the family table with the rest of us listening and sharing.
-By the end of class, you should have a clear idea of where you're headed.
CLO: SWBAT collaborate with each other and teacher in order to share their idea with everyone to tighten up their idea for the bird's eye and worm's eye view project.
2/18/15: Do Now
In your visual journal, draw or write about one success you've had with this project. Think about it. I'd like at least one success you've had. Something positive that's happened.
CLO: SWBAT write about their successes in their visual journal in order to then build upon that for their bird's-eye/worm's-eye project.
-Those students who have no idea, need to meet with Spitzer
-Other students are gathering information. KEEP TAKING PHOTOS> Take 100 photos, you can always delete them. But...don't just snap pictures just to get a bunch, really try to capture the feeling and the idea of what you planned.
2/19/15: Do Now
In your visual journal, please draw what you hope your worm's eye photo looks like when you're finished with it.
Agenda: Everyone should be taking photos, or editing photos on their computer.
If you are not at this step yet, please look up a photoshop video tutorial on a photo effect you'd like to try.

2/20/15: Do Now:
If you could give your bird's eye/worm's eye project a title, what would it be? Write it down in your visual journal.
-You are either out taking photos or editing at your computer.
-If you do not have an idea, or a title, you will be meeting with me at lunch, or after school today.
Some questions to ponder:
What if your photos are ALMOST right? What do you do?
Do you want to change anything in Photoshop?
If you do...what do you want to change?
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