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Compare and Contrast Format

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on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast Format

Compare and Contrast Format
This format is very useful for talking about the relation of different main ideas. This is its structure:
The first paragraph contains general information about the topics as well as a thesis at the end.
The second paragraph would contain all of the comparisons of the main ideas.
The third paragraph would have all of the differences of the main ideas.
The fourth paragraph would have a summary of the essay.
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Comparison to the 5 Paragraph Essay
Cats and Dogs
Cats and dogs have been kept as pets for many years, and they also have their similarities and differences. Cats and dogs both are great partners and can be playful, but cats drink milk while dogs drink water.
Cats and dogs have a few similarities, including being great partners and the ability to be playful. They are great partners because they can be trained to act accordingly to how the human wants them to act. They can play with the humans for their own enjoyment.
The animals, however, have different eating habits. Cats tend to drink milk while dogs tend to drink water.
Cats and dogs have their differences and similarities. They both play well and are great for humans to interact with, but they have different eating habits.
Comparison to counter-argumentative format
A compare and contrast essay is different from the 5 paragraph essay in that the compare and contrast essay highlights all of the comparisons in a single paragraph and all of the contrasts in a single paragraph as well. This method gives a little more structural freedom as opposed to choosing three specific topics and structuring a paragraph around each of them. A con to writing in the compare and contrast style is that the paragraphs may begin to get quite lengthy when explaining numerous amounts of comparisons or contrasts in a single paragraph.
Comparison to a Dialogue Essay
A dialogue essay is written like a conversation between two characters, such as the writer and a fictional character of a novel. It can be very useful for students because it can be enjoyable to write the paper and they could get creative. However, the students could easily deviate from the subject matter at hand, and the subject may not be specific enough for the student to learn. The compare and contrast paper could be better because its structure allows it to get a lot of information into the body paragraphs. Also, it could allow the writer to learn the connections between the topics.
A counter argumentative essay (CA), is an essay in which one not only directly argues for an idea, but also defeats potential counter arguments that could be made.
In both compare and contrast essays and in CA essays, the first and last paragraphs serve the same purpose, while the body paragraphs differ in function. As opposed to the compare and contrast essay, where the second paragraph outlines the similarities and the third outlines the differences, in a CA essay, the second paragraph argues directly for a point, and the third paragraph proposes and opposes a counter argument

Justin David
Josh Jordan
Phillip Wilkins
Compare and Contrast Essay
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