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Virgin airline

No description

Seungmin Park

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Virgin airline

Laura K.
Laura H. Presented By To Have (experienced) is To Be? The Virgin advert involves a variety of symbolic and psychological messages to potential consumers, which extend beyond
a flight experience

Experiences, like possessions offer a sense of control, mastery and function as Symbols of personal
and social identity DESIRABLE IDENTITY? In Western (individualist) society,
What are admirable personal qualities? Admirable Center of Attention

People use material symbols (and experiences) to enhance aspects of their identity.

For example… Attractive Social Belonging Subculture Perceptions of Gender, Class, Race, Sexuality High-Class
Fancy Cars 95% BRITISH heterosexuality Attractive Your airline’s either got it or it hasn’t The “cool” lifestyle is represented through the different types of clothes and lifestyle products
- Red Heels, Black Suits

An attitude that is not known to be available to the mainstream

There is an emphasis on authenticity when distinguishing members of a cool tribe from the mass culture

Ideology of Authenticity- Is a value judgment that is used to express distinction and is frequently gender-specific Decoding Images They make a visible realm of possibilities and potential meanings
-Ex. What you can experience with the airline may be similar or the same - luxury, quality of service, senses

The person riding with the airline is portrayed as someone who has less authority/smaller.

Visual hierarchy
(pilot, flight attendant vs. consumer)

Images and the Market- Advertising campaigns are created independently- It is often considered to be an art- Creates discourses that socially and culturally construct a world Tucked in by an incredibly beautiful women into a cloud(incredibly dream-like)

Suggesting that you are going to be truly taken care of

Resembling a ‘mother figure’ After being tucked into bed,
we see what may be a phallic symbol
The women weren’t just dancing
around it, but flying! Sex Sells Seductive Glances Scanning Body Sexy Line Dances SENSES & BRAIN Vision Smell&Taste T o u c h Sound Target Consumer Clear insight of target consumer
Promoting high class, flashy lifestyle
Ages 25-40
Well-off business man, who enjoy attention and having fun
Who enjoys travel for leisure and business
Who looks forward to the quality of service Thank You I Am Virgin, Fly Me. `
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