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Homefront by Doris Gwaltney

No description

Ashley Hamilton

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Homefront by Doris Gwaltney

Homefront by Doris Gwaltney
The problem of the story is that Margaret Ann cannot get along with her cousin. Courtney has come and taken her room, the seat beside her father at dinner, and the attention of all her friends and family.
The story takes place in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, U.S during World War II. I think the author chose to set the story here and during this time because a war time would be the best time for the themes of the story.
Margaret Ann Motley has always wanted her own bedroom and she finally gets one. When her cousin, Courtney Lively, comes from England with her her mother though she looses it again. Margaret Ann immediately does not like her cousin. Though when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and the U.S joins the war Margaret Ann soon starts to become closer with her cousin as they have found something both could relate to.
Main Characters
Margaret Ann Motley- Margaret Ann Motley is the main character of Homefront. Margaret was born and raised in Virginia. She has wanted her own bedroom since she was ten. When her cousin comes she dislikes her immediately because she takes the room and all the attention of her very own family. Everyone calls her Margaret Ann so it really annoys her when her cousin only calls her Margaret.

Courtney Lively- Courtney was another main character of Homefront and was the antagonist at the beginning of the book. She is from England but is forced to leave when the Germans begin to bomb London in 1941. According to Margaret she has a habit of talking and talking and it is usually about the war. When she moves to Virginia she immediately becomes popular with her mother's side of the family and with the other children at school.

I think the theme of the story is friendship. Friendship because Margaret Ann and Courtney started out as rivals but became the best of friends that could support each other through these times as they were both going through the same thing with family far from home.
My Final Thoughts
I enjoyed the book and the idea around it. Sometimes though, at the beginning of the book, I did not like Margaret Ann though because of the way she acted and how she just immediately dislikes her cousin without getting to know her better.
Other Characters
Bobby Holland- One of Margaret Ann's best friends so it upsets her when even he starts paying more attention to her cousin but later admits that he likes Margaret Ann better.
Johnny Motley- Margaret Ann's older brother who eventually brings Margaret Ann and Courtney together when he joins the military. While stationed in California he meets a girl who he marries two weeks later, and she is not so popular with his family.
Aunt Mary Lee Lively- Margaret Ann's aunt and Courtney's mother who married someone who her mother did not approve of and was cut from the family.
Grandmother- Margaret Ann's and Courtney's grandmother and very hard to please. She does not want Courtney and her mother to come at first but when Mary Lee asks for forgiveness Courtney soon becomes her favourite grandchild. She later admits though that Margaret Ann has always been her favourite.
Elizabeth Motley- Margaret Ann's older sister whose bedroom she takes at the beginning of the story.

Margaret Ann's brother joins the navy and a few months later
Courtney and Mary Lee get the news that Courtney's father is missing in action. Soon after Courtney is unable to sleep in the same room as her mother and asks to share with Margaret Ann. The two girls were not close when they began to share but by the time the war was over and Courtney had to go home to England they were the best of friends.
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