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Jean-Alexis Lemoine


Noah Johnson

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Jean-Alexis Lemoine

The Life of Jean-Alexis Lemoine Birth Death Jean-Alexis Lemoine was born in New France on April 14 1680.
Every spring Lemoine joined the flotilla of canoes gathered at Montreal as a hired man. Lemoine and his men loaded the canoes with trade goods from France such as guns, cloth, and metal pots and knives.
They brought the goods to the fur trade forts in the west by paddling up the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers. They dropped off the goods and picked up furs that the First Nations such as the Anishnabe had traded for the winter. Lemoines occupation was a fur merchant until he got married. When he got married Lemoine opened a small shop and sold supplies to voyagers and local french troops. Ocupation Lemoine died on June 22, 1754, he lived for 74 years. Work Lemoine spent his youth as a voyager and a fur trader Youth Family Lemoine was related to lots of important people. For example, his sister married into families with influence in the colonies government and his second wife was the daughter of Montreal’s most important merchants!
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