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Bombing Baseball

No description

lis lab3

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Bombing Baseball

Bombing Baseball
By: Reilly
This sport began in the mid 1800's. The National League began in 1876 and the American Leauge began in 1900.
This sport was first played in the Untied
States in Brooklyn, NY and in other places in
New York.
The goal of this sport is to hit the baseball
over the fence to score runs. Also to hit the baseball and get hits. Another goal is for the pitcher to not allow the offense to hit the ball.
Also to win the game!
The goal of this sport
Where did this sport begin?
When did this sport begin?
What equipment do you need for this sport?
In this sport you need a Batting Helmet, Fielding Glove, Batting Gloves, A Hat, A Bat, and Cleats. If you are a catcher you need a Catcher's Mask, Catcher's glove, and Catcher's pads. For the field there needs to be bases, foul or fair line, and home run fence.
Where do you play this sport?
On a baseball diamond which has grass in the outfield with dirt in the way back of the outfield which is called the warning track which is where the home run fence is. Also most of the infield has dirt but some has grass.
What do people say when they play this sport?
People say "Home run!" and "That ball is crushed see ya"! Also a lot of baseball terms.
What are contries that play this sport?
Countries that play this sport are the Untied States of America, Canada, Japan, South Africa, and Cuba.
A player who plays this sport well
A player who plays this sport well is Josh Donaldson. Josh Donaldson is a Third Basemen for the Toronto Blue Jays. He hit 41 Homeruns in the Regular seson Knocked in 123 RBI's which was the the 1st in the leauge and also had a .297 batting average. He has also lead the Blue Jays to the playoffs.
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