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Story of Polly the Zebra mussel.

hannah is winning (but elena is always winning)

Elena Mccue

on 12 June 2012

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Transcript of Story of Polly the Zebra mussel.

The Story of Polly the Zebra Mussel
Once upon a time there was a girl named
Polly was fourteen weeks old when she was admitted to the organization known as Zebra mussel.
The Zebra Mussels
were well known for their hostile acts towards other species on the lakes of southeast Russia!!!
The Organization of Zebra Mussels was started by a man who's name was Muscles. He started the great clan that now is so numerous that the other animals are in fear of being wiped out.
Polly had only been in the organization known as Zebra Mussel for a short time before the clan would unintentionally embark on a great journey that would take them to another land and lake.
The zebra mussels typically have stripes on their shell that are a range of browns and tan colours. They can live up to 5 years.
All of the zebra mussels in Zebra Mussel were similar:
They were generally 1-3cm long , with a triangular or "D" shaped shell.
Adult zebra mussels have fibers that come out of their body which enable them to latch on to hard surfaces. The mussels will typically stay latched in one place for a long time. They will stick to any hard surface in the water, like rocks or the bottom of boats, but also will latch onto other mussels or animals with hard shells.
The zebra mussels filter about 1 liter of water per day to get the food they need from the tiny organisms in the water. It is good that they filter the water, because it helps keep it clean, but toxins in the water do not affect the zebra mussels because they are very tolerant, so they pass toxins on when they die, in feces, or if they are eaten, which can harm other species, something the Zebra mussels were very good at.
Polly's clan was simply minding their own business in their lake when something happened that would change their life forever. The organization called Zebra Mussel had been drifting about, when they felt an overpowering rush of water sucking them into a great, dark hole....the ballast of a freight ship!
Polly was one of the first to be sucked into
the freight ship, she was terrified by what might happen. After a long six days in the ship it came to a stop and all the mussels where dumped into a new location.
A realization came to Polly, their leader Muscles was not among the ones that survived the trip. All the Zebra mussels went into an uproar, frantically trying to understand what had happened and why.

When the commotion had
subsided, all the Zebra
Mussels looked to Polly for
advise on what to do.
When they are microscopic larvae, which is in the first few weeks of their life, mussels just drift around in the water, and so do the adults when they are looking for a place to latch onto.
microscopic plankton eaten by mussels
Polly was not sure what would happen to the clan. She decided that it was best if the remaining members of Zebra Mussel looked for a new rock to cling on and start a new colony far larger that Zebra Mussel had ever been before!
Populating the great lake in Canada in which they had landed did not take the Zebra Mussels long. Polly and her fellow female zebra mussels could lay upwards of 1,000,000 eggs per year, and few animals would eat the Zebra Mussels in their new home.
In just a few short years, the Zebra Mussel clan had grown to huge numbers. They had infiltrated all of the Great lakes and many of the river systems that flowed from them.
The Zebra Mussels had begun to spread their terror. They clung on to many things far more exciting than in their old Russian home, killing many of them. Polly and her followers were causing trouble for humans and animals alike.
The Zebra Mussels were everywhere now. They attatched themselves to native species of freshwater mussels and shellfish, choking out their lives. They clung on to the bottom of boats, and buoys that humans put in the water.
Polly and the remaining members of the original Zebra Mussel clan were lurking in a water intake pipe. There were so many mussels there that the pipe was almost blocked entirely! The humans were getting mad.
The humans tried many different things to try and get rid of the Zebra Mussels in the lake, but none were successful. Cutting off the supply of fresh water was going too far though. The humans now had a plan to get rid of Polly's clan.
The next day, Polly and the rest of the clan woke up to the not so sweet smell of chlorine and a loud noise blasting them to their deaths. Once they had died, they were scraped out of the pipes.
That was the end of Polly the Zebra Mussel. Her invasive clan continued to grow to trillions of mussels that destroyed native species and the humans cannot get rid of, no matter how hard they try. There is just too many of them.
Remember...they're zebra mussels.....
NOT zebra MUSCLES!!!
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