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Historical Context for The Book Thief

No description

Ashley Kemp

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Historical Context for The Book Thief

Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933.
Led by Hitler, the Nazis thought of themselves as a superior or "master" race and planned to rule northern Europe.
This book takes place in Nazi Germany during WWII.
Historical Context for The Book Thief
The Nazi Party
The Nazis first took control of Warsaw, Poland in 1939. This gave them a base to begin attacking the rest of Europe.
Starting with Poland
Hitler accused the Jews of trying to pollute the German gene pool, robbing Aryans, and destroying the nation's culture.
The Jews were basically blamed for all of the nation's problems.
Hitler vs. the Jews
Jews lost their rights as citizens
Intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews became illegal.
More and more Jews fled the country as violence towards them increased.
Nuremburg Laws of 1935
"The Night of Broken Glass"
In 1938, a Jewish teen killed a German diplomat, causing massive Nazi retaliation
Nazis and SS storm troopers smashed windows of shops, killing and brutalizing Jews along the way.

Nazi Germany
World War II

Concentration Camps
In 1942, the Nazis opened camps where prisoners were starved, worked to death, shot, or gassed.
Most German and Polish Jews ended up in these camps
The Allies (USA, Great Britain, France, etc.) liberated the camps in 1945.
Hitler Youth
By 1939, all young people, ages 10 to 18, were required to be a member of the Hitler Youth.
Death Tolls During WWII

Do Now
List 4 things you know about Nazi Germany, World War II, and/or the Holocaust. Be as specific as possible.
1. Find a photo from World War II/Nazi Germany
2. Save it to a Google Doc
3. Write a photo essay that responds to the content of the picture.
4. Share it with Mrs. Kemp via Google Docs
Assignment: Photo Essay
Do Now
What is a semicolon? How do you use a semicolon? Write an example!
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