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madison beisner

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of amda

I chose amda as my college because i love performing arts and this seemed like my perfect fit AMDA was founded by Philip H. Burton in 1964. AMDA has a campus in Los Angeles and one in New York AMDA American musical
and dramatic Academy To learn more about AMDA, go to amda.edu The career that interests me is dance the education needed to be a dancer is to know terms, be able to choreograph dances, perform dances, and catch on quickly. AMDA's scholarships/financial aid: scholarships are granted based on the results of the audition and application process audition requirements for dance: for the bachelor of fine arts in dance theatre you will need a 60-90 second solo in the style of your choice.you will also be taught, learn and perform two different combinationsof any style. you must bring dance shoes and attire and provide a cd for the solo audition requirements for acting: you will neeed two two-minute monologues. the audition shouldn't be over four minutes. props are not permitted audition requirements for musical theatre: for a bachelor of fine arts degree in musical theatre, you must have one two-minute monologue and either two minutes or 32 bars of a song from the musical theatre or classical repertoire. it is mandatory to bring in sheet music in to your audition. AMDA will provide a profesional accompanist for you. props are not permitted and your performance should not exceed four minutes. salary: on average, professional dancers make $13 dollars an hour. The highest amount to be paid is $26. Short & long term goals: short:
take dance lessons at a dance studio.
practice a lot.
work for your goals long: work hard and graduate with a masters degree in dance and performing arts
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