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Landscape Photo Collection

No description

Sabrina Waker

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of Landscape Photo Collection

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Thanks for watching!
Landscape Photo Collection
By: Sabrina Waker
Borrowed Natural
Sitting alongside the creek, it is often so peaceful and still. You can see the entire sky on the glass surface which is simply a reflection yet with so many complicated details. A tangle of weeds and vibrant green plants align the the creek making a beautiful contrast between colours and texture.
Alone, but never overlooked; an ordinary tree stands tall. It grows among no other trees; isolated it stands surrounded with a lush field of grass. Smoky grey clouds darken the field from above. Yet a ray of warm sunlight envelopes this tree creating a distinct spotlight for the star of the show; for it is alone, but never goes unnoticed.
Excitement fills the air, as you turn the round table in front of you, you spin faster and faster. The details you see become less and less specific You look up to see a blur of a pink and purple ceiling. Hanging down are oddly shaped lanterns shining softly. Across from you your family beams with enthusiasm as the ride comes to stop. Again! Again!
On a cloudy fall morning you go for a walk along the smooth speckled pavement. You pass by many uniform towering trees; standing side by side. You stop under an old shaded arbor and observe a full bed of flowers and plants. There are various shades of green pointy plants planted amidst bright orange flowers. All plants stretch up and out demanding to receive optimal sunlight to live the best life possible.
A mess some might call it when they glimpse at the flowing creek and lush vegetation among the bedside. A variety of weeds, flowers and plants grow freely. No blades to hack them down; they are unorganized. People are so desperate to keep order in the midst of all the chaos. A grey solid bridge stands mighty separating nature from our reality. We cross the bridge to the other side of civilization without knowing what we are missing out on; some would call it a mess, I would call it freedom
Sitting on the firm wooden bleachers, you look out past the rusted metal fence which separates you from the field and you see players getting ready for a big game. A line of dark green trees are planted along a patch of short grass on the edge of a red diamond field of red clay dirt. The white bases stand out in a diamond shape so the players know where to aim when racing in. There is no feeling that can describe the adrenaline rush you get from watching a game.
Pounding and crashing down; pure crystal water, falls from above. Onto the rough boulders it pours endlessly. There is a thick layer of moss covering the boulders as well as beaming green vegetation growing freely. Mysterious dark shadows linger between boulders making anyone always wanting to see more.
Snow days are so magnificent. The snow sits on the tall tree branches giving them shiny frosted tips. A vast mountain with snow that's pure white and has traces of old tracks of past people who have made there way down it waits for the next people to take it on. A long chairlift is built as far as you can see with empty chairs hanging down just waiting to be filled again.
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