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8 Stages of Genocide in Night

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Keenan Schlender

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of 8 Stages of Genocide in Night

8 Stages of Genocide in Night
What is a Genocide?
A Genocide is a killing of a large group of people, especially of people of a specific group or religion.
Who is Elie Wiesel and why did he write the book Night?
Elie Wiesel was a jewish boy who survived Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. He is now 87 and he has written Night to not only prevent another Holocaust from happening, but also to inspire people to believe they can.
Stage One: Classification
Classification is making different groups or classes based on race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. On page 114 it said, "countless Jews had been passing as non-Jews". This is and example of classification because people had to pretend that they were not Jewish in order to do things that they wanted to do like everyday things.
Stage Two: Symbolization
Symbolization is when the classes or groups of stage one are given a certain symbol. "Three days later, a new decree: every Jew had to wear the yellow star" (Wiesel 11). This quote shows that Jews were given yellow stars as a symbol so that Hitler could expose them and always know where they were.
Stage Three: Dehumanization
Dehumanization is when one group or class of people denies humanity to another group or class and think of them as animals or bugs and plan to "exterminate" them. On page 24 it said, "If anyone goes missing, you'll all be shot, like dogs." This is an example of dehumanization because the Germans are comparing the Hews to dogs and saying that they will be shot or "exterminated".
Stage Four: Organization
An Organization is when one group involved in the Genocide plans to kill another group. "The Russians Army is making gigantic strides forward... Hitler won't be able to us any harm, even if he wants to. Yes, we even doubted that he wanted to exterminate us" (Wiesel 6). This has the traits of organization because Hitler had plans to kill all of the Jews and that's why symbolization happens so that he was able to tell who all of the Jews were.
Stage Five: Polarization
Polarization is when these groups and classes are no longer able to interact with each other. On page 9 it says, "We were no longer allowed to go into restaurants or cafes, to travel on the railway, to attend the synagogue, to go out into the street after six o'clock." This applies to polarization because the Jews were no longer allowed to go anywhere because the Germans did not like or trust them.
Stage Six: Preparation
Preparation is when victims are separated or segregated. "All skilled workers- locksmiths, electricians, watch makers- step forward!" (Wiesel 38-39) This quote shows that workers were separated and prepared for death.
Stage Seven: Extermination
Extermination is when killers kill the people because they do not view them as people. On page 81 it says, "If one of them stopped for a second, a sharp shot finished off another son of a bitch!" This is extermination because they were killed and not treated like humans.
Stage Eight: Denial
Denial is when the killers blame the victims, hide all evidence, deny investigation, and report false information. "On April tenth, there were still about twenty thousand of hundreds of children. They decided to evacuate us all at once, right on until the evening. Afterward, they would blow up the camp" (Wiesel 108). This is denial because they were getting rid of evidence by getting rid of the camp.
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