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Urban Photography Project

No description

Amanda Deitrick

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Urban Photography Project

Urban Photography Project
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The City of La Habra
: 60,239

Ethnic Population
White, 30.2%
Hispanic, 57.2%
Asian & Pacific Islander, 9.1%
Black, 1.4%
All Other, 2.1%

Food & Nutrition Environment
Unfortunately, there are not a lot of major supermarkets and there are no farmers markets in La Habra, making it difficult to find places that have an adequate amount of nutrient dense foods. Instead, there is a greater amount of fast food restaurants and liquor stores (as seen in the top left photo).
Food & Nutrition Environment (cont.)
I decided to drive around a large block that was a total distance of 1.5 miles. Instead of finding a place offering nutritious foods, I found 3 liquor stores and a donut shop. It is unfortunate that there are not very many resources for La Habra residents to go to for adequate nutritious options.
Built Environment
Despite the fact that La Habra may be lacking an adequate food and nutrition environment, the built environment provides a fair amount of ways for people of all ages to be active. In the top left picture is a new basketball court. In the picture to the far right, you will see La Habra's skate park which is full of kids every day.
Built Environment
HESC 471-01
Amanda Deitrick

As previously seen in the last slide, here is La Habra's skate park. No matter what day of the week it is, it is always full of kids choosing to be active by skateboarding, riding their bikes, or riding their scooters.
Food & Nutrition Environment (cont.)
This video was taken in the Northgate supermarket. In the first few seconds you can see the small selection of organic food items. You can also notice that they had some of it covered up with a table for advertising of a different product. However, just to the right of that you can find a plethora of different drinks and sodas with high sugar content.
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