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Among The Hidden

No description

Dylan Poris

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Among The Hidden

Among The Hidden
By Dylan Poris and Benn Ivan
Their Dystopian Society
Some citizens live in a dehumanized state. These people are third children.
The government uses propaganda to brainwash the citizens.
Freedom is restricted from third children
It is possible that the citizens are under constant surveillance,
The society is a illusion of a utopian world.
The society is bureaucratic control.

Luke has to hide from the government. Laws are against third children.
Luke lives in constant fear of the population police.
Luke has to hide in the Attic day after day.
Luke finds another third child named Jen.
Jen forms a rebellious rally and they all end up dying.
Luke- Luke is a 12 year old boy who is a shadow child.

Jen- Jen is a 12 year old baron girl, who is also a shadow child.

Jens Dad- Hides Luke from populaion police and helps him start a new life.

Falling Action
The falling action takes place when Luke goes to Jen's house after the rally and is found by her dad and Luke learns that Jen died in the rally. The population police come and Luke gets a fake I.D from Jen's dad.
Rising Action
The rising action takes place when Luke notices Jen
in the other house. He goes over to meet her and they begin to talk.
The climax of this story happens when Jen wants Luke to help with the rally and he starts to wonder if he will join or not.
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