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New GCSEs: 2015 Onwards

No description

Laura Peters

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of New GCSEs: 2015 Onwards

New Changes to GCSE Assessment
2015 - 2017 cohort
Most GCSEs taken in 2017 will be assessed by
exam only.
Changes to GCSE English Language

Exam assessed only.
Speaking & Listening will not contribute to overall grade.
S & L to be reported on separately alongside qualification on certificate.
20% of marks for writing exam is allocated to SPaG.

New GCSE English:
The Road Ahead...
Idea to ensure fairness
(marked by exam boards not teachers).
To free teachers to focus on teaching and learning
(lifts pressures of marking assessments).
2015 New GCSEs: Overview
English Language, English Lit and Maths are the first subjects to be amended.
Re-design is to "relieve pressure" on GCSE English - 60% of marks awarded were for Controlled Assessment - schools judged by teacher marks.
SPaG will be more important
- more marks will be awarded for this.
Re-sits will be limited.
Changes to GCSE English Literature
Wholly assessed by exam.
5% marks allocated to SPaG.
New GCSE Structure
Linear structure, building knowledge over course.

All exams to be sat in May / June.

Students study full 2 year course before taking exams.

Idea to give 'best opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding'.

Aims to avoid disruption to teaching and learning by repeated assessments.

If re-taking, a student will have to re-take ALL of the exams in that subject.
Tiering New GCSE Exams
Qualifications in English will be untiered, so ALL students will take the same exam.

Idea that all students have the opportunity to be awarded the highest grades.
GCSE English Changes
This September's Year 10 = last cohort to sit AQA iGCSE syllabus.
Current Year 8's (2015 cohort), will be the first year group to sit the new GCSE syllabus.
Lower ability students unable to access material.

Lit. exam = 19th Century texts.
New Grading of GCSEs
Progress 8: Performance Tables 2016
'Broad and balanced curriculum at KS4'
Based on student progress across 8 subjects.

Headline measures: English Lit / Lang or both = C or above.
Be able to adapt and develop schemes of work in order to use

To start considering
our Year 7's, 8's and 9's will need to be successful in the new style GCSEs.

Later on in our pairs...
What do the new exam papers look like?
AQA English Literature (8702)

AQA English Language (8700)
Students will sit 2 exam papers for each syllabus.
Language Papers 1 and 2
Literature Papers 1 and 2

Breadth of reading fiction and non-fiction texts.
Extrapolating info.
'How' techniques.
Structural awareness.
Explain / Evaluate PEE style writing.
Creative writing.
Summary skills.
Comparative skills.
TAP breadth of knowledge.
Confident Shakespeare analysis.
19th century novel (vocab etc.)
Extract - close analysis skills.
Whole text knowledge - themes, structure, character, plot etc.
Essay writing skills.
Poem comparisons.
Detailed poetry understanding (cluster).
Unseen poetry analysis.
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