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Urban Tribes: the electro floggers

No description

paola silvina corvalan

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Urban Tribes: the electro floggers

Urban Tribes: the electro floggers
style group
style of music
type of music and dance
the ideology
The ideology shared by floggers not characterized by particularly deep roots. The ideals that particularize this tribe have to do with the worship of the image itself , the desire to have many admirers, and to be recognized as famous. They tend to be indifferent to social issues in general to focus on themselves most of the time, and are not violent .
( ... ) The search for popularity is the central axis and is achieved with a camera , a couple of poses and the steady rise of these images to the site for others to leave message and I valued within the group.
( ... ) Individual personality emerges within that group mass in the banality of the tested pose and depth of the search for identity and identification intersect. ( ... ) Consolidate a " lifestyle " parameter rejected as superficiality, narcissism and excessive cult of the image ( ... ) Theirs , of course , is not courage , is impunity. It is what gives them the consciousness of adolescence and know that it is an ideal time to be immature . "We have no ideology ," they say and give the coup de grace to say : " We know this is temporary because we're teenagers."
( ... ) "It was an envy with us, because you can not dress like us ", says José María adding, " floggers are very metrosexual men ." That dedication to the appearance does not go unnoticed at home. ( ... ) "We are too superficial ," they say to themselves.
( ... ) " Whoppers , fucking , gay are the things that we shout " feature .
They haughtily , look askance and turn a deaf ear brandishing the slogan that one of the girls has in his flog flogger and that sums up the spirit : " Your envy feeds my ego ."

this is a unique style of urban dance that refer to different techniques aimed at the feet. The dance was held in late 2007 in Argentina, originally from a recent urban culture Flogger tribe of young adolescents closely related to a web site called Fotolog up where Selfportraits which are then signed by your friends / favorites. It is one of the most popular dances created by the Argentina youth community dance styles of electronic music among others.
The aesthetic style
The aesthetic style of fashion Flogger consists mainly using tight trousers (or cigarette cased) in bright colors, Males used shirts shirts with V-neck and loose half women blouses with neck U brightly colored and patterned, Usan as canvas shoes or sports skaters, bright and tight vests. The styling distinguishes them is semi-long in men and women in long, carefully straight and bangs in both genders crossed up front combined with sideburns.
Paola Corvalán
4° de ciencias sociales y humanidades
subjet: English :)
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