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Relationships between passenger transport networks and travel & tourism sector

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David Brice

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Relationships between passenger transport networks and travel & tourism sector

Relationships between transport
and tourism sector

Coach , trains, planes etc
Tourism sector

What does travel and tourism sector mean ?

Give some examples
Just what are relationships ?
Tour Operators
Travel Agents
Tourist Attractions
Trade Associations & Regulatory Bodies
Other Transport Providers

Give me some examples of the above.
Transport networks have relationships with the tourism sector and in this session we are going to look at these relationships.
Joint Ownership

Can anyone tell me what that may mean and give me an example?
Some coach operators own their own hotels.
Here is an example:

A tour operator entering into a contract with a rail company to offer short breaks in UK cities.

An example is Superbreak

Sales & Promotion
A rail operator running a joint
advertising campaign with a tourist attraction.
e.g. Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Commission Structures
A ferry company agreeing what level of commission it will pay to travel agents for tickets sold.
Airlines paying travel agents for tickets sold.
Agency agreements

A travel agent entering into an agreement with a coach company to sell coach holidays.
Agreements cover things such as payment terms, commission, joint advertising, internet collaboration
e.g. CAA inspecting the safety standards at
an airline
Travel and tourism component industries


A component of travel and tourism may well have multiple relationships with transport providers.
tour operator
, for example, may:

Have agency agreements with travel agents;

Be regulated by the terms of the Package Travel
Regulations and other legislation;

Agree commission structures with coach
• Run sales and promotional campaigns with rail

Enter into contracts with ferry companies;
• Jointly own a car hire firm.
Now an activity !

Use the handout and using your existing knowledge write down how you would get to the destinations.

There may well be several ways of getting there. Make an assessment of what you think the best form of transport will be taking into account length of journey and other factors.

You have 30 minutes to complete this activity before feeding back your answers.
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