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Industrial Design Portfolio


Karla Guajardo

on 12 January 2012

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Transcript of Industrial Design Portfolio

Industrial Design Portfolio Monterrey Design Center 54 Bachelor´s Degree Participation in PMP & PEP projects Labels and Documentation Engineering Information Systems Innovation and Intellectual Property Activities 10 Master´s Degree Design Schools Our people 427 Generate user-centered design proposals
Use systemic thinking to understand and address conflicts that affect the sustainability of the design.
Handle materials for creating functional, aesthetic and productively feasible forms.
Communicate effectively verbally and in writing, in Spanish and in English.
Generate creative, high perceived value products, services and models, and integrate them into proposals with humanly desirable values, economic viability and technological feasibility. Certificates: Asian Business
Global Business Management
Cultural Business in China Master's Degree on Industrial Design & Product Innovation Bachelor's Degree on Industrial Design 27 1118 Bachelor's Degree on Industrial Design Master's Degree on Design Management 14 170 Bachelor's Degree on Industrial Design Master's Degree on Product Engineering 25 Learning Outcomes Innovation
Audiovisual Media Production
Plastics and Resins Technologies
Others… Concentrations: Learning Outcomes The use of creative forms, materials and techniques in the industrial objects design.
Practical approach to design with a solid basis in exact science and social studies.
Detect and solve functional and ergonomic needs in design.
Manufacturing and logistics of the objects that fulfill the society’s needs.
Generation and analysis of information for integrated projects including production, infrastructure, human and technical resources. Knowledge about graphic representation, design methodologies, history of industrial design, tools for prototype construction, materials’ properties, manufacturing and production, 3D modeling, etc.
Abilities in creativity, analysis of information, negotiation, team work, use of specialized technology, entrepreneur.
Teach the students some of the most advanced technologies, learn about the advantages of working in multidisciplinary teams and strategic planning. Learning Outcomes Roberto Garza Sada Center Planned to be the headquarters of the formation, creation and preservation of art, architecture and design in Latin America. From 2012, this Center will be the home of the most brilliant and creative students of the continent, with 1st world facilities dedicated to Architecture, Arts, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design. SE Projects Author: Dora Montemayor New connector docking device in order to avoid connector damage A new connector docking device in order to avoid connector damage. A means to secure the connector.

Designed to match existing product.
Design field installable.
Design cost effective Authors: Marcel Montemayor
Paula Bulnes
Mark Metral Firefox Automatic system for residential use. This product has sensors that control the temperature according to the exterior temperature, number of people in the house and the required temperature by the user. Large Load Controller (LLC) Marco Ramírez The Large Load Controller (LLC) is intended to be a remote controlled, load disconnect, device. Features include a weather-proof enclosure, galvanic break switching device (with manual and remote control capability), ZigBee radio interface for remote control, and associated power supplies and logic Author: Fabiola Gutierrez
Pablo del Ángel
Ricardo Moreno
Manuel Ortega Marco Ramírez Swatch is a residential flush-mounted, all in one protection device meant to protect an electrical installation, and the people living in it, against overloads, short circuit and earth leakage.It was developed to introduce brand Schneider Electric to the Brazilian market. Project developed using PMP from Open until Close. Authors: Swatch I Fabiola Gutierrez
Pablo del Ángel
Jorge Silva Swatch is a residential flush-mounted, all in one protection device meant to protect an electrical installation, and the people living in it, against overloads, short circuit and earth leakage. It was developed to introduce brand Schneider Electric to the African market. Project developed as an evolution of Swatch 1 started in Select and put in stand by since March 2010. Authors: Swatch II Authors: Fabiola Gutierrez
Pablo del Ángel Electric Vehicle – Fast Charge station The fast charging stations (FCS) are an essential element in the electrical car development. Schneider has developed FCS that can feed vehicles in continuous current (DC). The FCS have been designed as a modular solution, each costumer can build the charging solution by choosing among the many options proposed or defining proper options. It can charge 80% of battery capacity vehicle in less than 15 minutes. Our FCS can connect all types of electrical vehicles DC for NA version (DC and AC for European versions). Started from Open this project is expected to follow PMP, actually working on it at Select-Do stage gate. Authors: Vladimir Cano
Jorge Silva Electric Vehicle Commercial and Fleet Charging Solutions Authors: Vladimir Cano
Jorge Silva Electric Vehicle Residential Charging Solutions Fleet and commercial customers can count on charging solutions that offer convenient public and private access. Advanced versions will feature remote monitoring and billing capabilities servicing multiple charging points. Our residential charging stations provide simple, easy-to-install, and userfriendly solutions for charging electric vehicles at home. Installations are provided by a network of licensed installers. Advanced versions feature intelligent communications and smart-grid integration options. Authors: Marcel Montemayor
Gerardo Rodriguez
Ernesto Gomez
Paula Bulnes Zigbee Self Powered Switch This project consists in an wireless light control, meaning that the connection between the switch and the light doesn’t exist thanks to the function signal received thru the Zigbee remote system. This product allows us to have a faster and easier electric installation, besides giving the opportunity to the user to control one or more lights with a single switch. This switch has the appearance of a conventional power switch, with the advantage that it can be removed from the wall anytime the user needs to. Another big advantage of this product is that it works without batteries. PMP and PEP projects developed jointly with International Design Centers located in: North America
Italy Author: Daniel Plata Electric Vehicle – Charger Electric Vehicle – PHEV Stations EV Charger with a swinging arm (no expose cable require with up to 9.2 feet reach distance. LED visual indicator at the back face and power ON with your prepaid ONE card or mobile interface. Touchscreen interface in the charger nozzle. You can transfer the interface to Iphone or Blackberry. It has a magnet system for proper engage. Author: Daniel Plata The One station has a capability of 6 cars charging up to level 3. It has vending machines, WiFi/Bluetooth and EV/PHEV automotive scan tool. The One store has vending machines, EV/PHEV gadgets, EV/PHEV automotive scan tool, WiFi/Bluetooth and cyber coffee. SE Patents 15 Patents 4 Industrial
Designers as inventors The Rotatory interlock Bracket is a device mounted on the panelboard design. Allows the user to switch between the power coming from the supplier grid and power generated by an in-house generator, preventing the use of two open circuit breakers at the same time. Rotatory Interlock Bracket Inventors: Gerardo Rodríguez
Raúl Sánchez
Jeff Sharp Rotatory Interlock Bracket Current Interlock Fusible Load Center Inserts The aim of this product is to be installed in different enclosures, which have different array modes corresponding to different number of circuits. The HFLCI product line which is focused to the Canadian residential market varies from 8 to 24 circuits, but this doesn't mean that the product is limited to this arrangement. The solution can start working with 2 components, the Lug base and the Branch base, and this will form a 4 circuit device. From these we can start adding Branch bases until we reach the number of circuits we desire. Inventors: Ernesto Nacianceno
Raul Sánchez
Paula Bulnes
Jeff Sharp Low cost user adjustment A user adjustment assembly for translating user-adjustable dial settings to tripping levels of an electronic trip unit includes a potentiometer and an adjustment button. The potentiometer is positioned inside a cover of the trip unit and includes a potentiometer button. The adjustment button is coupled to the potentiometer for mechanically adjusting it. The insulation disc has a bottom surface that is dimensioned to be larger than the potentiometer button. The adjustment button includes one or more stops that trigger a fail safe operation mode where the tripping levels are automatically adjusted to higher or predetermined protective levels when the adjustment button is moved to those stop positions. Switch calibration is obviated and the simplified design reduces overall cost. Inventors: Marco Ramirez
Dennis Fleege
Ignacio Dapic
James Tipton
Jason Robert USPatent
Sep 22, 2009 Load Terminal Cover A load terminal cover assembly for use on circuit breakers installed in electrical enclosures. The assembly selectively limits access to circuit breaker load terminals and uninsulated portions of load conductors entering the load terminals when the enclosure cover assembly is removed. Inventors: Alethia Quintanilla
Christopher Yager
Renato Villasana
Jesús Talavera
Francis Brown USPatent
6936781 External Neutral Current Sensor matched to a Circuit Breaker A highly accurate current sensing transformer, such as an external neutral current transformer (ENCT), accommodates a wide range of loads. The ENCT includes a housing, first and second terminals each having an end portion extending from and external to the housing, a conductor for carrying a current to be measured, and a current sensor having an aperture for receiving the conductor and having a central axis. The conductor joins the first and second terminals to form a current path that passes through the aperture.

Other features resist rotation of the terminals during attachment of the ENCT and allow the ENCT to receive any of a variety of different lugs or terminal nuts, enabling easy attachment. Inventors: Marcel Montemayor
Salaheddine Faik
Steve De Cook
Dennis Fleege
Brent De Geus
Ignacio Dapic
Randy Siebels
Ernesto Kim USPatent
6936781 Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon Universidad de Monterrey Patent Filed Graphic Design Committed 3D Modeling & Rendering 3D Modeling & Rendering Ergonomics Prototyping Sketching Technical Drawing Packaging Creativity Innovation Solutions Functionality Sustainability Passionate Effective Open Design Straightforward Vision Ergonomics Graphic Design Interior Design Packaging Prototyping Differentiation Sketching Technical Drawing Marcel Montemayor, Daniel Plata, Lucy Boldo, Karla Guajardo, Melody Ayala & Alberto Sánchez Lucy Boldo, Melody Ayala, Daniela Portilla & Marcela Arizpe Daniela Portilla, Lucy Boldo & Marcela Arizpe Cristina Bustos, Lucy Boldo & Marcela Arizpe Dunia Lopez & Marcel Montemayor Karla Guajardo, Daniela Portilla & Alberto Sánchez Alejandra Leal, Cristina Bustos, Lucy Boldo, Dunia Lopez, Arturo Cordova & Marcel Montemayor Lucy Boldo & Alberto Sánchez Authors: Authors: Authors: Authors: Authors: Authors: Authors: Authors: Photography Marcela Arizpe, Karla Guajardo, Alejandro Don Juan, Daniela Portilla & Lucy Boldo Patent Decided Patent Granted Patent Granted Patent Granted Authors: Authors: Authors: Alejandro Donjuan
Hildegard Peralta
Elizabeth Aguilar
Dianal Belmares
Ricardo Moreno
Efraín Gutierrez
Miguel Velasco
Ignacio Dapic Panelboards Service Unit Design of service units for panelboards. This unit will allow the user to perform maintenance without shutting down the power grid, only by switching the flux of energy on the service unit, and leaving the primary unit without power. Direction of Creativity Sessions:
Participants: Innovation Team
Monterrey Design Center Creativity Session Creativity sessions consist in a 2-3 hours meeting where the participants have as an objective solving problems in a creative and original way. During these sessions the participant can use any creative methodology to boost the idea generation and can use any material they want to express ideas or concepts. Graphic Design:
Contents: Melody Ayala
Innovation and Intellectual Property Innovation Newsletter Monterrey Design Center publishes monthly a brief newsletter informing about news in the harvester’s community and creativity sessions, coming events, emerging technologies and news about sustainable developments around the world. 38% of Monterrey Design Center´s employees are Industrial Designers By Tadao Ando Authors: Alejandro Donjuan
Nelly Montalvo
Vladimir Cano
Leon Vargas
Olga Lyva Sustainable Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SEVCS) The SEVCS was developed during the Sustainability Workshop in Monterrey during 2010. The objective was to create a product without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability requires the reconciliation of environmental, social and economic demands. With these three demands on mind, the team start to work on the Sustainable Electric Vehicle Charging Station. This station will use solar cells to obtain the energy to charge the vehicles, using also the electricity from the local network. At the end, the energy not used in this station will be returned to the network. Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León Universidad de Monterrey Our Industrial Designer´s Abilities
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