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Mao Timeline

For IB EurAsia

Alex Friedman

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Mao Timeline

1893-1976 MAO ZEDONG/Joseph Stalin
Mao's Early Life 1918- Mao graduates from First Provincial Normal School of Hunan

1921- Mao is a founding member of the CCP

1927 – Mao leads Autumn Harvest Uprising in Changsha, Hunan 1931-34 – Mao and others establish Soviet Republic of China in mountains of Jiangxi

October 16, 1934-October 19, 1935 – The Long March, communist escape 8,000 miles to north and west

1937-1945 – Second Sino-Japanese War Mao's Revolutionary Years 1943 – Mao becomes Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party

1945 – Mao meets with Chiang Kai-Shek and George Marshall for discussions but no peace deal is reached

Jan 21, 1949 – Led by Mao, Red Guard wins massive battle

1949- Formation of People's Republic of China Mao's First Years in Power 1949- First law passed guarantees equality of the sexes

1949-1953 – Land redistribution, mass executions of landlords and other “rightists,” (more than 1 million were killed)

1950 – Mao and Stalin sign Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship 1952 – Mao bans all political parties except CCP

1953-58 – First Five-Year Plan

1956-57 – Hundred Flowers Campaign

1958- Great Leap Forward Mao's Middle Years in Power 1958 – Mao resigns the presidency

1959- Sino-Soviet Split

1962 – Sino-Indian War 1964- China tests first nuclear weapon

1966-7- Cultural Revolution

1967- China tests first Hydrogen Bomb Mao's Later Years in Power 1971- Kissinger (first American) visits Beijing

1972- President Nixon visits Beijing

Sept. 9, 1976 – Mao dies
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