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Book Project ( Living dead girl )

No description

angela martinez

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Book Project ( Living dead girl )

Barbara was the police officer
that tried to help Alice. she thought
that Alice was a homeless girl. she
she would always give food to Alice
because she could tell that she was
hungry because she was so skinny. Living Dead Girl Summary Alice(kyla) Ray: Annabel (Lucy) Jake: BY: This is Alice . She was Taken by Ray five years ago.
She thought she knew how her Story would end.
She was wrong.
“Alice” was kidnapped by Ray when she was ten years old. She is now fifteen, and he has held her captive ever since. He starves her so that she’ll remain small, skinny, and child-like, he rapes her on at least a daily basis, he physically abuses her any time she doesn’t do exactly as he wants – to the point of unconsciousness, and he promises to kill her entire family if she tells anyone or leaves him. “Alice” lives her entire life in a state of utter misery – put simply, she has no hope of getting out and is just waiting for death. Alice is Tall and Skinny . She is skinny
because Ray doesn't give her food to eat
he only gives her yogurt . She is home schooled by Ray. . Alice was kidnapped by Ray as a child, who sexually and physically abused her, and is now is 15 years old. Ray is a sick person who stole a little girl named
Alice. Ray works everyday and he follows every kind
of thing that his bad mind says. He would do anything to keep the girl by his side. Ray is one of the people that is scared of talking to the cops because he knows that they will find out the bad things he is doing. Ray is tall fat and in between
25 - 38 years old . You never know what surprises
he will do without you knowing. Jake is Alice's friend and she tries to save him because she likes him. Jake knows what kind of person Alice is, but he still tries to help her. At the end Jake was the person that killed ray . Lucy is the little girl that goes to the park every
single day with her brother called Jake. Lucy's real name is Annabel and she is Alice's little sister. Lucy was almost kidnapped by Ray because Alice does anything to stay alive and save her family, but Alice did not know Annabel was her sister cause of all the years she did not see her family. Annabel is short , pretty , wears dresses , and at the age between 4-8. Angela Martinez &
Cindy Hernandez Barbara (cop)
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