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Leonardo da Vinci - Inventions

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Riccardo Trabattoni

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Leonardo da Vinci - Inventions

Da Vinci's ferry is a hand-ferry.
A steel cable is stretched between the two shores of the river.
A man give the initial thrust.
The ferry takes the movement from the current of the river , making unnecessary the use of a motor.
The only example still works combines the moles of Imbersago (Lecco ) and Villa d' Adda (Bergamo).
What is a ball bearing?
It is used to lessen friction between moving parts of a machine.
Where is it used ?
in everyday objects like cars, bikes or skates.
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (15 April 1452 - 2 May 1519).
Professions: painter, engineer, scientist, architect, sculptor, illustrator, essayist, stage designer, anatomist, musician, designer and inventor.
Irreligious as we can understand from some of his notes on the church.
Leonardo da Vinci
The armored tank was Davinci's ultimate war machine.
The armored tank was a turtle-like moving shell with 36 guns poking out of its sides.
It was driven by the muscle power of 8 men.
If built as shown, the tank would have been unable to move.
When Leonardo was living in Milan the black Plegue devastated Europe, da Vinci theorized that something about city made them especially vulnerable to diseases.
The ideal city was divided in two levels
In the lowest level there would have been a network of canals.
The higher level would have been pedestrian only.
Da Vinci was fascinated by the idea of a human flight.
A falling body in the Earth atmosphere would accelerate to higher and higher speeds until it reaches its terminal velocity.
The idea of a parachute is to reduce a person's terminal velocity and make a long fall survivable.
The terminal velocity of human being falling through the Earth's atmosphere is about 193,1 kilometers per hour.
Da Vinci's draft of the parachute
One of the attempts to build the da Vinci's parachute
Da Vinci was fascinated by birds.
The ornithopter was one of the rusults of this fascination.
It would theoretically have allowed humans to soar through the air like birds.
Even though da Vinci hated war and was against the creation of killing machines, he needed money and his patrons needed to triumph over enemies.
It could deliver punishing volleys of gunfire at rapid intervals
Invented while leonardo was living in Venice in order to repell invading ships.
Da Vinci's divers were sent to the bottom of the harbor in diving suits where they cut holes in enemy hulls.
Da Vinci's divers would have carried breathing hoses connected to a floating bell full of air, wearing facemasks with glass goggles that would help them to see underwater.
Da Vinci's self-propelled cart can be looked at as history's first car.
it used a spring-driven machanism similar to that in a clock to move.
As the springs uncoil, the cart is driven forward like a wind-up toy.
First kind of helicoper prototype.
It looked like a pinwhell
When turned fast enough, air pressure would have built up under each blade, forcing the flying machine into the sky.
The arial screw didn't actually work in practice.
First kind of humanoid robot.
Da vinci was fascinated by human anatomy and thought that the same principles could be applied to a machine.
It was driven by a system of pulleys and gears.
It was used for entertainment at parties thrown by his wealthy patron Ludovico Sforza.
The notes on the robotic knight were used to create the design of the planetary exploration robots used by NASA.
The robotic knight has not survived.
Designed to be used by army troops to cross rivers.
It's easy and fast to build.
The bridge is made with a geometric pattern of frames.
the arc shape gives the bridge its robustness.
Proud of himself
Loves animals
Maybe vegetarian
Never got married
Didn't have child
Maybe homosexual
Dyslexia is a disorder that is often linked with particular intelligences qualities.
The brains of dyslexic children present some alliterations in its operations, but it seems that in order to compensate these deficits other features are enhanced.
Dyslexic people have a more visual way of thinking and a more global approach to problems.

Other important dyslexic people are:
- WRITERS Agatha Christie , Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll , Walt Disney, Jules Verne .
- LEADERS Julius Caesar, Napoleon.
- PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES Franklin D. Roosevelt , Woodrow Wilson , George Washington, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
- SCIENTISTS Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison , Albert Einstein , Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell .
- ARTISTS Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo , Raphael, Vincent Van Gogh, Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso.
- MUSICIANS Mozart, Beethoven, Harry Belafonte , John Lennon, Noel Gallagher ( Oasis ) .
By Trabattoni Riccardo & Monticelli Marco
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