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Office Administration

No description

Brittany McCray

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Office Administration

Job Corps Presentation By Brittany E. McCray Career Preparation Period Career Technical Training Career Transitional Services Personal Attributes Good Organization
Quick Worker
Computer Skills Responsible
Polite Goals Refresh Education Train Fully in Trade
Complete Office Admin Trade Advance Training in Future Work Values Honesty & Integrity
Strong Work Ethic Adaptability
Self-Motivated Professionalism Strategies for Phone Interview -- Greet the Interviewer politely Don't interrupt the person when they are talking Answer all questions honestly as possible Pay attention to what the speaker is saying to you Communications It is the activity of conveying all matter of information, either in the work or personal, through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or info. As by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. It is also a major need in the work place/force Stratagies for Interview Come in looking work appropriate Make sure to arrive 10 mins early Think of any questions they will ask When have the chance, list the positives about you Make sure you listen to everything the person tells you Personality/Career Testing It is to determine what your good attributes are, while at the same time, see what skills you have that are useful in the workforce. It's even more useful, since it can tell you what you would be good at, in a career field. Thank you
For Watching! Certifications Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Certified in Mircrosoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint High School Level Education Computer Skills Microsoft Office know-how Good Typing Skills Internet knowledge Multimodal Multiple preferences are interesting and varied. You have three strong preferences such as VAR. Visual, Aural, and Read/Write. Visual Aural attend classes
attend discussions and tutorials
discuss topics with others
discuss topics with your teachers
explain new ideas to other people
remember the interesting examples, stories, jokes...
leave spaces in your notes for later recall and 'filling' Read/Write lists, headings, definitions
dictionaries, glossaries, handouts
textbooks and readings - library
notes (often verbatim)
teachers who use words well and have lots of information in sentences and notes "Green" Business Lately, more businesses are starting to go with the 'Green' initiatives in today's time. Most of these businesses are larger companies that are able to pay for it. As for the smaller ones, they are still slowly getting into the wave themselves. The one major one that is known, is by the TerraCycle company. A company filled with many plastic bottles in a factory, what they did was cleaned, delabeled, filled and then labeled again with a TerraCycle label. Even showing they did the same with a pepsi bottle. This basically saves penty of money and time as well. Even then, there are still people out there, done through consumer research, who honestly didn't care that the businesses they worked with had gone 'Green' like most do now. That percentage, reached around 56%, out of a 44% who did care and liked it. San Diego Companies Gilbane Building Company Volt Workforce Solutions Ajilon Professional Staffing Job Engines Career Builder.com Indeed.com Simply Hired.com Related Jobs Administrative Assistant Office Manager Clerk Typist Secretary Project Analyst Transit Schedule Trip Planner FROM: PALOMAR ST TROLLEY STATION

1. walk 0.2 mile SE from PALOMAR ST TROLLEY STATION to Palomar Street Station

2. At 02:40 PM take the Blue Line America Plaza

3. Get off the stop at America Plaza Station at approximately 03:13 PM.

4. walk 0.2 mile W from America Plaza Station to Coaster Santa Fe Station

5. At 03:45 PM take the COASTER TRAIN signed COASTER Oceanside

6. Get off the stop at Coaster Oceanside Transit Center at approximately 04:48 PM. Gilbane Building Company The company that I would join, would be Gilbane Building Company. Although it is mainly a construction business, it also has administrative jobs they need to help tell and lead the people who are working out there to. The main reason I like to join this company, is how this company has standards to work in a family way with each other. A setting of a work place I like to be apart of. But more then that, it is a business that employ's loyalty, determination, and a very good worker for their company. California Labor Market Info Business/Employer Find Training Job Seekers To search for any job listings To look for training sites or places Information for business owners and employers One Stop Service Education &Training Interviews & Resumes Job Search They will help in finding the right education and training centers if you need. They will meet face to face, to help you make a resume and mock interviews. They will help you with their resources, to try and find a job, after you have your resume and believe your ready. The Future To have a job as a administrative assistant, or office clerk in a good setting. If I get enough training, their is a possibility that I can also get into Human Resources, or even become a Manager of a certain place with enough experience. What are These?... Cover Letter A cover letter is a letter that you send along with your resume to the employer you wish to get a job from. The letter will state politely what position or job you want of the place. It shall also note about what skills and experience you have, that are also noted inside the resume as well. Professional Reference A professional reference, is a list of three people that know you professionally. Usually, they are people you had worked with in the past, and can also back up your resume/job application you sent in for. The reason it's called professional, is that these are people you worked with. NOT friends or family. It should mostly be past employers. Employers Wanted Answers 1) An employer would look for a person that is honest, so make sure you speak honestly. 2) Make sure, that you only state the positives about yourself. Saying negitive remarks or bad habit's, will not go well. 3) They want to hear you give a brief explanation of what skills or abilities you have, that will fit with the job your going for. 4) Don't get nervous. Be calm and confident. And also ask question's of your own, after the interviewer has finished talking. Ask about the job or position, talk and see your very interested in the job. ...The End of The Line Out of the other four placements in the program, there are at least two or one, I want to do. Advance Training Working in my Trade Would like to go for more training, so that way I have more experience, and better job opportunities when the time come. Once I get enough experience, either through A.T or just finishing with my current course. I would like to jump right into my trade, and get a secure hold on my life.
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