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Chinese philosophy

No description

Tyler Worley

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Chinese philosophy

A Strong Society
The only way to create a strong society was to make strict laws and enforce them with rewards for good behavior and harsh punishment for poor behavior.
They thought that the rulers should trust no one, so their kingdom does not get overthrown by others.

How did the Zhou apply the teachings of legalism?
The founder of legalism was Hanfeizi.
Hanfeizi lived from 280 bc. to 233 bc. that's a good 57 years.
How Hanfeizi believed a ruler should govern
Hanfeizi thought that he should make some laws such as...
Fa- a law or principle clearly written and in public
Shu- method, tactic or art secrets to make sure others dont take over the state
Shi- legitimacy, power or charisma. it is the position of the ruler with the power
The civil servants should be watched.
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