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No description

Laura Renfroe

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Invox

Part 1:
Breaking Down the Problem
“Of course I would buy it! Wow, it’s smaller than my iPhone. It is so frustrating to keep track of two types of receipts.”
Part 3:
Solution: inVox
Invox Features
Brainstorm Solutions
Part 2:
Talking to Customers
Bridging the gap between technology and your world

scans and transfers all receipts, invoices, and checks to your computer
or mobile device in real time.With this product, employers, employees, and suppliers increase efficiency and decrease the propensity for input error.

The D4D Process
Building Customer
Narrow the
Problem Statement
Customer Profile
Problems faced:

Scan all receipts at time of
transaction to electronic version
Handwriting Recognition Software (HRS)

Use an all electronic system without paper signatures necessary

"I am
an employee, employer, or supplier.
I am trying to
keep track of all transactions and proof of transactions via paper receipts,
I can’t reconcile my paper receipts with my electronic system
they are incompatible
I don't use an electronic system,
which makes me feel
inefficient and technologically inept.
The Last Drop Cafe
Tracking receipts of customers
Customer Feedback
Refine Prototype
"Create or improve network effects among various participants in the small business ecosystem."
The Big Picture..
“When someone disputes a receipt I have to dig through and find it, and it’s a giant hassle. Every week I scramble to gather all of my receipts to send to our accountant.”

Karen, Owner - Claremont Village Treasures
Changes Karen suggested:

Automatically sync to cloud for both owners (if applicable) to view in real time
Changes Sam suggested:
Group two existing receipt forms in one virtual space
Boss should be able to view transactions as they happen
Sam, Manager - Eye of Buddha
Product Components
Reduces need to keep physical receipts
Provides flexibility for people in service based businesses to store information
Increases compatibility within and between SMBs
Allows for automatic sorting into QuickBooks
This product will
convert users to QuickBooks
online by reaching out to those who are tech-hesitant and are not currently utilizing these tools.
Each new user will be a valuable promoter for Intuit small business products and increase the visibility and usership of QuickBooks in the long run.
Need sorted copies/originals
POS systems increasing in price,
and high tax (LA County) to have
an electronic POS system
Hiring an outside payroll company
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