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t p

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Buffalo


By..... TORI and RUSSELL Indians hunted buffalo
for many good reasons. The railroad conected the East and West coasts. Buffalo were a main factor in the
indians lives. There clothes, teepees,
cups, spoons, decorations, tools,
leather, knives, arrows, shovels,
clubs, dice, shoes and many other things.
The railroad helped
many war vererains,
landless Europeans and
poor farmers. Scince the railroad linked
the East and the West, many
more people started hunting
buffalo. Which resulted in
war, all the Native Americans,
and the people from the East Coast. Though the Indians killed
the buffalo, the White Men,
offten killed more than needed
and for the fun. There was once estamated
to be 30,000,00-60,000,000
buffalo in the United States.
Now there is barely 5,000. One group of pioneers were
stuck in a heard of buffalo
3 miles wide and 10 miles long. The decline of buffalo
wasen't all due to hunting.
At was also, desies, horses,
wild animals ect. The White Men took
the hunted buffalo,
and sold the parts,
in the East Coast.
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