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No description

Jamie Hammond

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Pitch

Media Pitch Thank you ! It will be a pop magazine Target Audience The target audience will be tweens, aged between 10- 13

It will be a mainstream magazine.

The main target gender will be females.

ABC1s- 43% Title The title of my Pop magazine will be Colours Pop Magazine Subculture
(Dick Hebdige) Burst I will use either use: Masthead Ideas Audience Profile Ideas for main cover image I will have either one girl on the front cover with a medium close up or a band of three girls. light pink, turquoise and white
or dark pink, purple and white
or Ideas for main double page spread Layout- Ideas for double page spread Ideas for contents page The contents page will show other interviews, photo shoots, "how to get the celeb look" and a voucher for a free nail varnish. Adverts Design Ideas For the questions and answers on my double page spread, I will have them in post-it notes, like this one The price of my magazine will be £1.80, and this is in the same region of similar magazines of the same genre.

It will also be Glossy. The frequency of my magazine will be Bi weekly because it is a mainstream magazine, so there will be more demand for it. It will be a national magazine because the genre is mainstream, therefore more people will buy it and there is a higher demand for it. light blue, white and pink These are my masthead ideas, but the typography will be pink. 1 2 Ideal reader Alice is a 13 year old girl who is obsessed with everything pop. She loves to follow the trends, and it very fashionable. If she's not listening to music, she's out socializing. Her hobbies include shopping, ice skating and dancing. Photo ideas- Shot types- I will have the group of girls posing similar to this one, or all together leaning on each other I could have it like this one, with post-it notes, or like this, with my colour scheme. long shot, or a medium long I will use the same colour scheme throughout the magazine. My main models will be three girls, who will form a girl band. Also there will be solo artists, who are both male and female on the contents page. My contents page will be set out similar to these ones Makeup
Bags There will be adverts such as: Frequency Price National or Local Male; 14% Female; 86%
Median age: 14
ABC1: 43%
Circulation: 25,000
Readership: 210,000 The mode of address will be peer to peer, because they use this in similar magazines of the same subculture, and it is more friendly. Mode of address )
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