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Utopian Society

No description

Catie Sedor

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Utopian Society

The Perfect Society In my utopian society, there would be many values. A main value would be family. When family is valued, people usually have more respect for others. If a child is taught from a young age to respect their family, they grow up to be a courteous person. Religion is also valued in my society. If religion is an important part in someone’s life, it can help shape them into a strong adult with good morals. If everyone in a society had respect and a religious system, it would help make for an organized society. Knowledge is also valued in this society. If you do good in school and have good grades, you will be able to get into a good college and get a good job. Everyone in this society tries hard to do their best in school so that they will be able to provide for their family and be successful in their jobs. Education in my utopian society would not be like the education system we have today. In my society, children would be required to go to school from age 5 to age 17, and complete grades kindergarten through 12. Instead of going to school five days a week, this society would go to school for only four days a week, however the school day would be increased by about an hour and a half. By making school days longer, the number of days over the weekend would increase, and the amount of homework for children would also decrease, because they would be able to get more done during the school day. Education would be an important part in my society. Your grade school education would influence many things in your life. It would decide the colleges that you could go to and the field of work you could work in. I think it is only fair that how hard you work throughout your years in school would control what you could do later on in life. If someone works hard to get to where they want to be, they should be awarded with a good college education and a job that pays a substantial amount of money, rather than a person who doesn’t work very hard in life, but who just gets handed everything they could ever need. There would be some restrictions on things in my utopian society because in order for things to function there have to be restrictions on some things. There would be a limit to how much alcohol a person could by at one time. Alcohol wouldn’t be illegal; there would just be limitations when it came to buying large amounts of it at once. If the amount of alcohol someone could purchase at a time was limited, it would prevent people from getting drunk and from causing harm to themselves and others. Another restriction would be on the curfew for children. If you are under the age of 18, you would not be allowed to drive by yourself at night past 8 o’clock, unless coming home from a school or religious function, or if you were with an adult over the age of 21. By limiting the hours new drivers could be on the road, there would be fewer accidents involving young drivers. I think it is important for a society to have restrictions on some things because if everyone was allowed to do everything they wanted, the society could get out of hand and things could become chaotic. In my utopian society, everyone would have the freedom of religion. You would be able to practice any religion you choose without anyone telling you that you can’t. If people were allowed freedom of religion, everyone would be happier because they could believe in whatever they wanted to without having to worry about getting in trouble. People would also have the freedom to speech. People would be able to talk freely about their opinions on all things, like politics. Everyone has their own view on things, and by giving people freedom of speech, it will allow everyone to make their opinion heard in all types of situations. Laws in my utopian society would be similar to the legal system we have today. Laws regarding the voting age, drinking age, and the driving age would still remain the same, because even though those laws may not seem fair to some, I think they are the most reasonable ages to do certain things. If any law is violated, the person who committed the crime would have the right to a court trial to decide their sentence. If the extent of the crime is not tremendous, the person will only be sentenced to do community service. If a person commits a crime that is extreme, they will be sent to the National Jail, which is on a remote island off the Alaskan coast. If someone is sent to this jail, they will spend the rest of their life there, and never see their family again. Because the punishment for committing a crime is so severe, people don’t usually commit crime, because they value their families too much to have to leave them forever. This system of justice helps to keep a low crime rate in this utopian society.

Life of the Average Citizen The average citizen would go to wake up in the morning to their family. They would start their day off by getting ready for work, and getting the children ready for school. After dropping the kids off at school, they would go to work doing the job they were given based on their highschool grades, and their college they went to. Most people really enjoy their work and are happy doing it. After working for about eight or nine hours, they would come home to their family for dinner. Family is valued greatly in this society. Everynight, the family eats a dinner together at the table and discusses their day and any other interesting topics. After dinner, the family would spend more time together, until they went to sleep. Family and knowledge are very valued. People are able to basically decide their future because their grades in highschool will determine their college and job for the rest of their life. Most people are happy with their life and their job because they are in control of what they do. People generally go to school for about eleven years. After that, someone will attend college for four years, or more depending on their career choice. After they finish college, they go right into the work force. Fahrenheit 451 The type of society in the book Fahrenheit 451 is strange compared to this type of society. For example, in this utopian society, knowledge is very important. However, in the society in the novel, knowledge and things like reading are not allowed. If you are caught in possession of any type of book, the firemen would come and burn all of your books, along with your house, down. In my utopian society, reading is a big part of education and knowledge, and without it, people would not be able to go through with all of their schooling. Also, in Fahrenheit 451, individuals don't like to spend much of their time with others. In my utopian society, family is greatly valued, and spending time with your family members is a big part of everyone's day. The characters in Fahrenheit 451 like to just sit around and watch T.V. or play with other means of technology, rather than spending time with their family. My society is similar to the on in this novel, yet it is different at the same time. Anthem My utopian society can relate to the novel Anthem, because in the novel, the main character is very interested in learning more and discovering new things, even though it is against the rules in his society. In my utopian society, knowledge is valued greatly, and everyone is very focused on learning more and more new things. That is how the main character of the novel Anthem is. He escapes away to a secret place, and begins to discover new things, like electricity. Another way that my society relates to this book's society is that it has a very strict legal system. In the book, if you commit a crime, you have to go to a trial, so that your fate can be decided, and there are rather harsh punishments. In my society, you also get a trial, and the punishment is very severe; you get sent away to jail for the rest of your life. Out of the three novels we have read, I think that my society most relates to this novel, Anthem. The Lord of the Flies Compared to the society in the novel the Lord of the Flies, my society is very organized and under control. In the novel, the society is only controlled by children, so therefore there aren't many laws, and the laws that do exist, aren't enforced or followed. In my utopian society, there is a strict legal system with many laws, and all of the laws are enforced. In the Lord of the Flies, many of the children act out and cause mischief, causing the island to become very chaotic. However, in my society, most citizens follow the laws, because the punishment for breaking a law is very severe, and they do not want to have to face the consequences. The society in the novel is very different than my society, in the way that in the Lord of the Flies, all of the children act out and don't follow the laws, do to the fact that there are no adults on the island they are stranded on, so that means there will be no punishment if they act out, as opposed to my society, where if you break a law, you will be faced with harsh consequences, so therefore rarely anyone in my utopian society breaks the laws. The End By Catie Sedor
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