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Trip to Latin America

No description

Rylee Gravitter

on 25 January 2011

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Transcript of Trip to Latin America

Cozumel, Mexico Grenada, Caribbean Georgetown, Guyana Cozumel, Mexico has.......
Sight Seeing- You are going on a segway tour that includes snorkeling!!!!!! Another thing you get to do in Cozumel is Swimming with Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last thing you are doing on your trip to cozumel is............................... PARASAILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that you are done in Cozumel, you get to come to Grenada and go to the beautiful restaurant called Coconut Beach. The 2nd thing you are doing in Grenada is go to the smallish yet beautiful Annandale Falls! Something you get to do in Guyana is go to the small, old, indian town of Santa Mission!(Not too far away from Georgetown and very interesting). The very last thing you are doing on your trip to Georgetown, Guyana AND Latin America is........... I hope you enjoy your trip to Latin America Mr.Smeader!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Last thing your going to do in Grenada is go to Grand Anse beach! Next, you get to go to the beautiful street that Georgetown's city hall is on and explore!!!!!!!!!! Take A journey through the rainforest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You take a couple hour drive to Essequibo River and to lwokrama reservation where there is International Conversation Center. Then you (with a tourguide) begin following the river and see it's many wonders like things from jaguars to 20ft. anacondas.
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