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No description

Lynsey Woldendorp

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Reformation

Europe during the Renaissance
Humanists-Emphasis on education and creativity
Classical education-Greek and Roman
Reason- meant that people were trying to make sense of life/society
Started to question the practices of the church
Church Practices
Church began to shift focus to worldly affairs:
Competed with Italian princes for power and control
Protected Papal states from invasion
Popes lived lavish lives
Some saw the actions of the church as wrong
Selling of indulgences
: certificated given to people by the church that reduced the punishment for sins
These were now able to be bought with money
People started to speak out about the abuses of the church
Martin Luther
Who was he?
German monk
Theology teacher at the University of Wittenberg
Devoted to the teachings of God
Despite his strong belief, he grew angry with the church.

So what did he do........
Luther opposed:
Papal Supremacy
Some catholic beliefs
At that time....
A priest names Johann Tetzel was selling indulgences
Money was used to rebuild the Cathedral of St. Peter
In exchange, Tetzel promised entry into heaven
This meant peasants could not get into heaven
Luther took action!
He posted the
95 Theses
on the door of the town church
Arguments against the church actions

How do you think the church would respond?
95 Theses
spread throughout Europe

How did it spread so quickly?

Church was furious!
Wanted Luther to
his views
He refused
Pope Leo X
He was brought to the diet of Worms to give up his beliefs
Luther was labeled as an outlaw
The Reformation Spreads
Ulrich Zwingli: Stressed importance of bible over church rituals
John Calvin: Predestination
Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church
After the Pope refuse to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon
Took over the English Church
Closed many Catholic Churches and took away their land
After Henry's death his son focused on turning England into a Protestant nation
Under Elizabeth I, England remained Protestant but kept many Catholic rituals
The Pope Responds
Council of Trent
Salvation through good works
Bible is not the only religious authority
Penalties for corrupt
Effects of Catholic Reformation:
Renewed devotion to Catholicism
Church abuses were reduced
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