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No description

Tiffany McCoy

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Niamey,Niger

Human Systems
Human Systems-how people are central to geography in that human activities help shape the earth's surface,human settlements and structures
Place and Regions
Place-the mix of human and nonhuman features at a given location.
Physical Systems
Physical Systems-identify how physical processes shape the earth's surface and how they interact with plant and animal life to create,sustain,and modify ecosystems
Environment and Society
Environment and Society-show how the physical environment is modified by human activities,largely as a consequence in the ways in which human societies value and use Earth's natural resources
Uses of Geography
Geography-to understand the relationships between people,places,and environment over time (of Earth as it was,is,and will be).
*The absolute location
is 13.5116 degrees N,
2.1254 degrees E.
*It is bordered by Chad to the east, Nigeria and Benin
to the south, and Burkina Faso and Mali to the west.

Absolute-describes the location of a place based on a fixed point on Earth
Relative-a point or place in relation to another point or place
*Niamey,Niger is located in north western Africa.
Region-an area with at least one unifying physical or human features such as climates,landforms,population,or history.
*The government maintains security checkpoints in Niamey.
*The population of Niamey is 19,730,708 (2016).
*Niger has deserts,sand dunes,uplands,and hills.
*The official language is French.
Other languages spoken are
Hausa and Djerma.
*They grow peanuts, cotton, onions,and black-eyed beans.
*On average,the temperatures are always very high, 88 F to 106 F.
*Niamey has many large buildings
*There are many farms and many
people are farmers or will become

*Some people live in huts made out of
straw and mud, while others live
in houses that are French in style.
*the Saharan desert in the
north, the Sahel to the south
of the desert, and the Sudan
in the southwest corner.

*Niamey has plants all around even though they have a dry and dusty climate
*Humans are trashing the streets causing primary food sources to eat it. This causes humans to become unhealthy.
*Gas is very expensive so
some people
can't go where
they want to go.
*The Niger River can not be drank out of because of waste and chemicals, even though they lack water.
Historical Map
*Niger claimed it's independence from the French in 1960.
*The Sahara area gets 2cm of rain each year and Niamey gets 56 cm (10 inches) of rain.
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