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Napoleon Bonaparte

No description

Ashley Radford

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Boneparte Famous Quotes of Napoleon I hid myself from the people, because I knew that when the moment came, curiosity to see me would bring them running after me. Everyone was caught in my nets and when I became head of state there was not a party in France that did not build some special hope on my success. Napoleon retreats from Moscow Plain Folk: In the picture Napoleon's is with his wife and child. Like a normal or a common family would be. 1. Prescriptive.
2. Behavior.
3. Ordinary people.
4. You could answer that Napoleon had a wife and chlid.
5. Did Napoleon spend a lot of time with them. Card Stacking: Here Napoleon's helping the people who have been Plague - stricken in Jaffa. 1. Prescriptive
2. Behavior
3.Ordinary, cause it make Napoleon seem like he is one of the medical people and it also makes him look compassionate, and caring
4. Napoleon is not as compassionate and caring to risk his own life
5. Why did Napoleon go to Jaffa for anyway? Glittering Generality: Here Napoleon is showing he is a strong and noble leader. He is tring to show the people that he is werthly to wear the crownof France. 1.Descriptive.
2. Behavior.
3. To both the Elite and the Ordinary people of France.
5.Did Napoleon make a good King for the French or not? Lesser of Two Evils: Here shows Napoleon and the British King dividing the world up. 1. Descriptive
2. Behavior
4. The British had more land than the French
5. Which lands they owned. British making fun of Napoleon Period 1 Candace Buzzard AND Ashley Radford
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