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What Zombies can represent

To show how zombies can be used to represent things in society.

Lawrence Loui

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of What Zombies can represent

What are zombies? Well zombies are defined as a supernatural being that has been reanimated through the use of Haitian dark magic.

But how can they be used to represent society? They can be used to represent consumerism and the idea that junk food is slowly killing society. Zombies, Can They Actually Be Used
to Represent Society In Movies? What is consumerism? Consumerism is the idea of making products in great amounts that would eventually lead to great price reductions and buying products in an excessive amount. If consumerism is more connected to the market, how can zombies be used to represent the general consumer? In this video clip, one of the characters in the movie explain how strong of an influence consumerism has had on society even in the afterlife as zombies. So how do zombies represent society as consumerists? Well the zombies outside of the mall keep trying to get into the mall after the survivors clear out the zombies on the inside and lock the doors and gates.

One way to see it is to see the zombies as shoppers during a Black Friday sale event. Zombies could also be used to symbolize how junk food in society is actually slowly killing out the survivors.

Instead of seeing a zombie being the killer, the viewer of a movie could see a survivor living off of junk food which can eventually cause health problems from the lack of vitamins. In this clip, it shows what happens when the survivor only feeds off of sugar for a few days. In this movie clip, it shows how the main character is oblivious to the zombies around him and instead is focused on the junk food that he gets from the store In these three movie clips, they all show how the zombies or survivors could represent something about society.

So, does this mean that zombies or the survivors in most movies have to necessarily represent something?
The answer would be no since most zombie movies just show the survivors killing the zombies showing society's phobia of being sick with diseases. What George A. Romero originally wanted to do with Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead is that he wanted to show how zombies and the survivors could be used to portray society as it is. In these two movie clips, it shows just how even in an apocolypse, people would still go to junk food to satiate their hunger rather than go look for healthful foods and water to nourish their bodies.
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