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Climate change and human culture


Andrew Langford

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Climate change and human culture

Ecocide & The Patrix
the patrix (kyriatrix?) knot
'fess up -
get past denial
direct action at
if you are coming here to help - get lost!
If you understand that your liberation is intimately bound up with mine - welcome
as allies
beware spiritual
bypassing/withdrawal into nature
1. The denial/awakening phase ...
Mary Daly - Gyn/Ecology ( early 80’s)*. (Alison and Sarah)
Alexander Technique (mid 80’s) (Jeanne and Axel Haar)
Permaculture Design (86 .... ) (Sego Jackson)
3. The deep inquiry phase
if humans are completely good at core where did the original distress come from?
Riane Eisler - The Chalice and the Blade - (early 90’s-Jane)*
Maria Gimbutas & the Kurgan Hypothesis. (reference)
Clare W. Graves (Beck and Cowan) - Spiral Dynamics (late 90’s)**. (Craig of Findhorn)
James De Meo - Saharasia (early 00’s)*** (Achim of Zegg)
The Long Summer - Brian Fagan (Ro Morrow - PC Teacher, Au)
... many others since then ...
2. Fessing up &'nothing quite so practical as a good theory' phase
Harvey Jackins - Re-evaluation Counseling** (Emma)
Conscious de-patrix processes, PC/RC/AT combo (87 .... neq)
Climate Change
causes "traumatic stress disorder" (aka distress & patterned behaviors )
which makes us cause more
of the same ( or worse )
which we (often)
seek to heal unconciously by recapitulation ...
The patrix is the
'invisible' architecture of
all human cultures (various intensities)
Patrix Busting
The Rapture
Bring it on
Extreme Sports
Abrupt Climate Change
- a new history (since 2002)
Post (coming after)
Traumatic Stress
& intallation of distress
... The Patrix
unhealed this results in (at least)
irational thinking,
compulsive behaviour (addictions),
separation & discrimination

the patrix
7,600 BP
150 mm rise per day/150 meters in 2 years
freshwater lake becomes saline sea
massive population disruption/refugees
carry agriculture out into Europe displacing hunter/gathers as Mediterranean spills in at Bosporos.
200 times Niagra Falls for 300 days.
Bill Mollison's big question : -
"How come human cultures
keep falling down holes of their own making?"
Andrew's big question : -
'If all humans are born good, loving, cooperative & zestful how come we keep doing wars, ecocide etc?"
My story -
typical (v.slow) phases of discovering The Patrix within
4. The aha (recapitulation) insight and lets get this on the front burner phase!
Re-evaluation Counseling Commnity in Gaia U - cascade ...
How to consciously de-patrix on mass scale inquiry ...
Build network of allies (esp. experimental design)
Find a transition community (or 3) for intensive experimentation (pc + rc + at + ...)
Peggy Reeves Sanday
James DeMeo
James DeMeo
James DeMeo
Direct - recreating the dynamics of an earlier shock or trauma.
Avoidant - creating events that are directly opposite the dynamics of the earlier experience.

Identified - a person creates a situation where he/she can take on the role of the traumatizing person.
Generative - Generative recapitulation involves taking an "educational" or "social activist" approach - to help others avoid the trauma you know so well.
Abrupt climate change: inevitable surprises
By National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Abrupt Climate Change
Population - 60 million to 1000 breeding couples
'Toba Catastrophe Theory' - 'bottleneck'
size 8 on Volcanic Explosivity Scale (M.St Helens = 4)
Ultra-violet radiation issue
The patrix (kyriatrix?) foundation
Why the extinction of life is (probably) inevitable
Thru hopelessness to re-emergence
Thru despair to empowerment
Thru grief to reconnection
Emmanuele Saccarelli - Gramsci and Trotsky in the Shadow of Stalin
..human history as the mere reconfiguration of oppression
Anne Bishop - “On Becoming an Ally” 1994
Patricia Hill Collins - “Matrix of Oppression” - 1990
Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, "But she said" 1992 - Kyriatrix
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