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Business Presentation

No description

Jessica Sung

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Business Presentation

Kató "kids achieving the outstanding." The Problem? -Lack of guidance from school counselors
-Absence of opportunities to gain skills & experience
-Not enough career preparation Address the opportunity! -students are lost!
-career preparation Is this a significant market? Absolutely! why? Education is EVERYWHERE. Today, on average, a person goes through 6-7 careers and that number is growing each year. The Idea: Student Career Guidance Website Our Solution Jennifer Jung
Fermin Abo
Patricia Batalla
Nik Zaitsev
Jessica Sung Mentor: Members: James Chung http://www. Reaching consumers .com school advertising Kató Kató Which demographic are you targeting? High school students How will we make money? $ $ $ Kató. (Grade 11 & 12) Q & A Company Description online based company
features interactive chat (virtual classroom)
daily video segment "a day in the life of..."
provide knowledge on various career fields available
education industry
host school/career fairs at sponsered venues Weekly mentor promotions Competitors universities offering similar programs
high school counsellors
"I Can Be" Why they can't compete Strengths:
- able to obtain mentors from around the world
- Qualified mentors based on credentials & work experience
- Convenient for students
- Revenue

- business information is vulnerable to any hackers

- it is scalable
- working with social media sites attracts more users
- compiling missed live streams and selling edited versions to customers

- redistributors of our videos high school counsellors:
unavailable SWOT university programs:
start too late focused on only one single career field
exclusive to a certain demographic of students -the security of the business information
-the chance of the internet having a worldwide crash (Is it possible?)
-live streams may go wrong and we may not be able to screen or edit things that may be said
-Videos of the mentoring episodes that we produce could possibly be redistributed Implications or Risk Factors: Social Media -Buy modules $5/ module for a month
(ie. Law, Sciences, Applied Sciences,
-Sponserships for job/school fairs Expenses -$10,000 -Salary -1st year: 5 employees -$242,000 -2nd year: 9 employees -$395,200 -3rd year: 13 employees -$549,200 -Equipment (camera, boom operation, and laptop) Revenue Thank you Average of 2,000 student's per school in British Columbia, 300 students would be grade 11 and 12.
An average of 40% of these students would check out the site Approximate of 80 students Our Product We sell a package that provides:
Price: $5 monthly subscription
Provides a "Day in the life of..."
Weekly livestream interview sessions
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