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MIST Coaches Orientation 2014

No description

Khadija Mohamed

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of MIST Coaches Orientation 2014

Things you can do:
Our Concerns
Our Vision
Print the program and fill out your students’ names next to their competitions so you can know where everyone is at all times.
Have the rulebook handy. Either printed or on your smartphone.
Be prepared to talk to judges and MIST organizers to back up your students (and other students you happen to see in distress). It’s a long weekend, so don’t be afraid to talk to organizers if you feel a rule is unclear.

Coaches Orientation
Overview of Program
Saturday Night Main Session (Surprise- don't miss it)
Sunday Closing Celebration
Award Ceremony 3/14 in DC
Inappropriate behavior with Twitter Feed
Terp zone & the bathrooms.
Knowing where your competitors are
Unislamic behavior
Lack of respect for volunteers, organizers, coaches, and other competitors.
racial slurs, curse words, intermingling, fights, etc. will not be tolerated..
Overall behaviors and rules.
No leaving campus
Come get your team's ballots!
If you've forgotten them, contact us!
Take a break but remember that nationals is just around the corner! :D
DC MIST 2015
Our mission is to bring high school students together from around the nation to develop leadership, promote communication, and inspire creativity while gaining a deeper understanding of Islam and Muslims. We do this through our annual regional and national tournaments.
What to Bring Friday!
All DC MIST competitors must bring a valid high school picture ID or high school transcript in order to register. Competitors will not be allowed to register and will be disqualified from their competitions if they fail to do so.

* middle school students must bring their school middle school picture ID and CURRENT report card.

Home schooled students must bring proof of registration of their home school program along with a photo ID (can be a drivers licence, permit, state issued id, passport, etc).

All transcripts must for the 2013-2014 school year.
Be a source of Encouragement.

Coaches have important responsibilities all weekend.
Be responsible. Be available.
Competition Changes
All grade levels can apply for Qur'an Recitation this year
Scrapbook competition has been moved to the Arts category
Photography competition now has a portfolio requirement
Extemporaneous Speaking prep time has been changed to 15 minutes
MIST Quiz Bowl now requires judges to say “Done” before competitors are allowed to buzz in
Improv competition will require a minimum of four (4) registered students
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