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Coming Together- Nationalism Ascendant

Nationalism Project

Jean Chairez

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Coming Together- Nationalism Ascendant

Coming Together a) Louisiana Purchase: The Louisiana Purchase contributed to a greater sense of independence and nationhood because this was the first major purchase for the U.S. land-wise. Many people began to travel west after this purchase such as Lewis and Clark. Since new land was added, our country became well-rounded and this helped to give Americans a new form of confidence that eventually led up to a nation that is independent and proud. Political Developments b)Embargo:The Embargo helped to make our nation into an independent and patriotic nation by forbidding the export of goods from the United States. The immediate outcome didn't exactly show the full potential of our country but in the long run it helped our country to become independent and not rely on other countries for help. c)War of 1812:Was a war between the military powers of the U.S. and Britain but eventually helped out the U.S. to become more of a nation. When the Treaty of Ghent was signed in 1814 it ended the war and restored all of the land that was conquered. In the long run the United States became more independent by breaking free of Britain's powers. d)John Marshall Supreme Court Decisions:-The McCulloch v. Maryland court case stopped the state banks from taxing the federal banks. The Dartmouth v. Woodward case decreased the states' powers, again in favor of the federal gov. The Gibbons v. Ogden case gave the federal gov. power to change and regulate commerce and interstate decisions. Overall, these cases were filed to boost federal power and nationhood. e) Adams-Onis Treaty: this showed the United States' nationhood by creating a boarder to protect the Americans from Spanish Florida and the U.S. The newly found protection showed that the U.S. can be independent and can excell in many other ways. f) Monroe Doctrine: The Monroe Doctrine helped keep our nation in one piece and be independent. The Western Hemisphere was off limits to any of the European countries and if a certain country were to try to colonize there, the U.S. would act upon the attemp to colonize. This gave the U.S. power and helped them to become a stable nation Cultural Developments Hudson River School The Hudson River School paintings expressed nationalism by showing how beautiful the United States is and this gave Americans the sense of optimism and hope to travel. (Inspiration)
(Thomas Cole: top, Asher Durand: bottom) Genre Artists The Genre Artists of the time expressed the joy and happiness of the people through paintings. These were drawn because of the opportunity that was present. (Art) Cultural Developments Jefferson believed in the Classical Revival over the Georgian style for public buildings because of the Greek and Roman views on life and also because of the new form of democracy that was being created. Jefferson dislike King George which is what the Georgian style of architecture was name after. Jefferson also liked the look of this Classical Revival. (Architecture) Jean Chairez
Per. 4 Cultural Developments (Literature) Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Character"
Theme- Finding Yourself
This poem illustrates the theme for my project because like my theme, this poem describes someone finding themselves and this relates to nationalism by finding the beauty in something and being comfortable in it. John Greenleaf Whittier: "A Song for the Time"
This poem relates to my theme because it talks about being free and seeing things from a different point of view, which is like nationalism and our country. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: "Autumn"
Theme- Nature
This poem relates to my theme because it describes the nature in an autumn day and like my theme, we find love for nature in the U.S. and learn to appreciate what our nation has to offer. Monticello Virginia Capitol Rocky Mountain School The Rocky Mountain School paintings expressed nationalism by giving the viewer an idea on how traveling and exploration during the 19th century shaped our nation to become bigger and stronger.
(Albert Bierstadt: left, Thomas Moran: right) Nationalism
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