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Social Studies Colosseum

No description

Maura Flaherty

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Social Studies Colosseum

Start Who built the Colosseum? How does the Colosseum compare to Madison Square Garden? Who builds and pays for today's statiums? By: Maura Flaherty and Chelsea Bogue The Roman Colosseum Lets learn some new facts! :) What did the Romans originally call the Colosseum? What can the construction of the Colosseum teach us about Roman Cultures, Values, Government, and Politics? More interesting factoids? Lets go! Lets compare The Colosseum to another modern stadium. Come on lets go! The people that built the Colosseum were slaves, but the person who had the idea for the Colosseum was a man named Vespasian. He did not live to see the completed Colosseum so, his oldest son Titus continued the construction on the Colosseum. Titus opened it to the public in AD 80. 9,000 animals and hundreds of gladiators were participating every day for one-hundred days of games on an unparalleled scale. After Titus’s death the following year, Domitian, Vespasian’s youngest son and Titus’s young brother, built the underground caverns and finished the decorative work. Emperor Vespasian! The name Colosseum today was not the same as the Romans called it back in the day. The word Colosseum comes from the Latin word colosseus meaning “gigantic.” That is because the Colosseum is 187 feet high and almost 1,730 feet around the outside walls. Wow! We can make an inference about what the construction of the Colosseum taught us about Roman cultures, values, government, and politics. It can teach us about cultures by showing us how they built ancient structures and what kinds of activities they showed. The Colosseum can teach us about values, because you were seated by how important you were to society. It can teach us about government, because Emperor Vespasian paid for the Colosseum, and he was part of the government. Finally, the Colosseum can teach us about politics, because it made Vespasian the creator and financier of the Colosseum more popular to the people of Rome. The Colosseum taught us a lot of things! Roman Colosseum

Purpose was to entertain people with different activities and events

The arena features 261,366 square feet

It was built with great columns and statues and could have different events come out of the floor and made of stone but covered with beautiful marble Madison Square Garden

Purpose is to have shows there and entertain people with awesome acts

The arena features 2,618,72.6 square feet

I was built like a normal stadium and also is made out of concrete and stone and also could have different acts come out of the ground It generally is governments with private corporations contributing some of the money. In most countries, Governments generally build the stadiums with materials from different companies. The government also hires construction companies to build the stadiums. Lots of money is spent on stadiums today, because the construction workers want to make the stadium modern and unique so it’s expensive! 
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