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Hispanic Youth and Adult Services

No description

Chantelle Thomas

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Hispanic Youth and Adult Services

Latino Youth & Adult Services
Catholic Multicultural Center
Centro Hispano
ABC for Health
Middle School aged youth &
The Juventud Program: Our Juventud Program provides academic support, parent engagement, and leadership development to middle school-aged Latino youth and their families. Currently, Juventud programs operate in five Madison middle schools. With the help of our volunteer tutors, hundreds of Latino youth receive the academic support needed to be prepared for high school.
High School age
Prep for college & Careers
The Aspira Program: Our Aspira Program operates in three are high schools and helps Latino students finish high school and prepare for college and careers. With dropout rates for Latino youth hovering around thirty percent in Madison, our Aspira staff and volunteers give Latino high school students and their families a vital support.
At risk youth
gang, violence prevention
The New Routes for Adolescents Program: Disconnection, gang activities, and negative police contact among Latino youth are a great concern to public safety and the future of a generation of young Latinos. Centro Hispano is a leader in fighting delinquency and giving youth real alternatives through our New Routes Adolescents program. This initiative helps at-risk youth avoid gangs and make positive choices through an innovative, court-mandated leadership development curriculum called COMVIDA. New Routes for The program also provides outreach to area middle schools through a youth-led gang prevention task force through its Proyecto Líder program, and positive alternatives for youth such as Nuestras Voces, our Latina Poetry Group.
Strengthing Families
*addressing cultural barriers
*support to legal offenders
*employment assistance
Community Engagement
*concerts & community classes
*Food Assistance *Education - language classes
*Job development *Computer skills
*free childcare for parents attending classes
*homework club for kids *religious enrichment
*trouble paying bills
*losing medical coverage
Nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to linking children and families, particularly those with special needs, to health care benefits and services.
Parenting Group
Series of 6 session providing education
and support to improve parent-child relationships
*improving children's self esteem
*improving communication
*effective discipline strategies
*healthy behaviors
*supporting emotional health in children
Contac Person:
Celia Huerta, MS, LPC
Women's Emotional Support Group
"Mujeres Adelante"
*free & confidential
*depression, anxiety
*limited social support
Free Fitness Classes
Zumba Classes for Adults & Teens
Monday and Friday from 7-8 pm
Child care & homework assistance provided
Location: Centro Hispano
For more information: 608-255-3018
Gay & Lesbian
Support Group

Alianza Latina
*teens, adults, & parents
Jesse schedules all the intakes.280-2495 is the Spanish phone line that the patient should call to schedule an appt.  The intakes are usually scheduled Thursday afternoons 3-6 PM but there is some flexibility.  The Latino clinic accepts no insurance and the accounting office at Journey will meet with the client for fee setting and to ensure insurance coverage.
CONTACT: 280-2495
Individual Therapy Resources
*Brad (bi-lingual)
*Accepts Medical Assistance/ Badger Care/ Forward Health,Cigna, WPS, WEA, Care Wisconsin, Alliance, CCF (Children Come First), SISCO, MMSI, Humana,
*Offers evening apts & Saturday Mornings
*7818 Big Sky Drive, Suite #101
Madison, WI 53719
*Phone #: (608) 203-6267
Marriage & Family Solutions
Dr. Trinidad emphasizes the use of cognitive behavioral and
interpersonal therapy and his treatment is trauma informed,
culturally specific and his approach person centered.
Dr. Trinidad Carrillo is bilingual in English and Spanish
and has extensive knowledge and experience working
with Hispanic clients.
Dr. Trinidad Carrillo is a panel provider for Physician Plus
Insurance Corporation and Unity Health Plans, is a preferred
provider for Group Health Cooperative, Blue Cross Clue Shields,
The Alliance, WPS, WEA, Dean Health Insurance and
accepts many of the other commercial insurance plans in the area.
Wisconsin Psychological Center
49 Kessel Court
Suite 204
Madison, WI 53711
ph: 608.270.1800
fax: 608.270.9731
Contact: 608-203-6267
Contact: 608-270-1800
Smart phrase:

Donde: The Rainbow Project (Proyecto Arco Iris), 821 E washington Ave
Contacto: Celia Huerta, MS, LPC at telefono 255-7356
Group meets Fridays from 4 to 5 pm
Goal is to discuss and explore personal and family issues of latina women who have problems with depression, anxiety, and problems with children &/or their partners/spouse.
Rainbow Project
Women's Support Group
De Mujer a Mujer
Contact: Celia Huerta 255-7356
smart phrase for spanish speaking groups:

Catholic Charities/Centro Guadalupe
Resiliency Group
Camino a la Resiliencia
Group for men & women who
feel isolated & want to learn about
resources in the community & ways
to deal with stress symptoms - NO childcare offered
meets tuesday from 10-11:30 am
Contact: celia Huerta

AODA counseling
6314 Odana Road
Madison, WI 53719
(608) 277-2966
*counselor: Juan Gererro
$52.00 - 1st assessment
$35.00 - each session
Lutheran Social Services
Soy Unica!
Eight to ten week series of
workshops to help moms/guardians support daughters in embracing their culture and taking pride in who they are.Mothers/guardian/grandmothers
will have the opportunity to participate in the sessions, and receive information and support
that will help them reinforce the experiences their Latina girls have in this program
For more Information Please Contact
Maria Liebl, MS, MFT
Rainbow Project
608-255-7356 ext. 323
Midwest Center For Human Services
313 Price Place 10
Madison, Wisconsin 53705
(608) 579-0529 x229
Dr. Darald Hanusa
*Insurance: alliance, blue cross, GHC,
*specializes in AODA issues
Cognitive Testing for LATINOS
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0q0GNwRG3xnSDl3aS0yWXI4RWdNLWJDdWd0bFY2bDFSMmJJ/edit?usp=sharing
Grief & Coping with
Chronic/Terminal Illness
*provides individual counseling
*support groups
*takes patients with & w/o insurance
*Call toll free to speak with an interpreter
1 (800) 930-2770
Agrace Hospice
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