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Anime and Manga!

No description

Zoe Guevara

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Anime and Manga!

Thank You!
Manga are similar to comics in a series of illustrations with word bubbles,thoughts,settings and actions.When you read american books or comics,you usually start on the left side of the book but in manga it is all right to left and even the way you read it.
Anime is different to regular cartoons.Anime is Japanese animantion.A lot of times you can see them in English because they are, "dubbed",meaning that it was originally in Japanese then voice actors went over it in English.In the Japanese it would have subtitles which we call either subbed or dubbed.I prefer sub only because a lot of times they mess up the translation or the mood of the character.
Naruto is also an extremely popular anime and it's episodes are in the 300's and still going(for now).It has 3 different series for it and the current one is Naruto Shippuden.This series is about a kid named Naruto,who wants to be a powerful ninja but is a low rank in his ninja school.He finds out he is a nine tailed demon fox.He has the potential and grows more and more everyday and becomes more powerful than anyone ever thought.
Dragon Ball Z!!!!!
Learn the basics about anime and manga and examples of my favorites.
Anime and Manga Prezi!
Dragon Ball Z is a popular anime that is mostly known for the american dub because in the Japanese version Goku (main character) had an unusually high voice for such a buff guy...google it...Dragon Ball z is about a saiyan warrior named Goku.He was originally born on a planet called Vegeta that was blown up by the alien in the picture to the left,Frieza.The saiyans almost went extinct.Because of the powerful characters there were a lot of powerful battles and fight scenes........some of the best fight scenes in all of anime are in dbz...
Death Note
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online is about a virtual game,Kirito,a beta tester plays the game with all the other players.He and all those gamers find out that the creator of the game traps everyone in it.The only way to get out the game is to beat all 100 levels,beat all the bosses and win the game.If you die in the game you die in real life.If someone in the real world tries to take off the the head gear to the game the helmet will fry your brains.Kirito,being the best player has a special skill to wield two weapons (Duel Wield) which no one else can do.He is literally "DAH BOSS".
Attack on Titan
Attack on titan is such a famous anime.Anyone who knows anime has at least heard of it.It started in 2013 and is still going on.Season 2 will be out this year.The series is about Eren,a boy who lives in a world with huge human looking creatures they call titans.These titans eat human flesh and humanity builds walls tall enough so they would never get in.A "Colossal Titan" one day appears,breaks the wall and everyone runs for their lives.Eren,who is with his friends makes sure is mother is okay only for her to eaten by a titan.He grows up to become a soldier who fights the titans....Warning if you have not seen it......HUGE plot twist....just sayin'.
wallpaper to the show -->
Hetalia is basically where every country is a person for example,America the character likes eating burgers,is a narcissist and thinks he can always save the day.Prussia is always going on about how awesome he is and about nothing else.Italy is a weak guy who always hides behind Germany's back.Germany is a tough guy who is allies with Italy and Japan.China is a guy who tries to sell all of his merchandise for money.I could go on but there are a lot of countries.This show just go's over history adding comedy to it with stereotypical jokes.Before you say Japan is racist,they actually make fun of there own country.Each episode is 5 minutes.I actually prefer the dub for this one because they did a good job and you can hear the cheesy accents better in English.
Those were some of my favorite anime's.Hope you enjoyed!
Black Butler!!!!!!!
Misa amanei
Death Note is about a high school student who finds a notebook that anyone who's name is written in it will die.Light Yagami the teenager who finds it,is a genius who is ranked the highest in Japan.Light's goal is to kill all criminals.He later rivals against a mastermind detective named L....that's right....a letter.L is a genius too.L is the good guy even though Light is the main character.Light is called Kira based off the English word ,"killer".In my opinion Light and L are literally the most intelligent people I have ever seen in anime,hence I feel i have even improved my own IQ just watching it.Seriously.....if you are in any way not intelligent....you will problems keeping up...lol
funny anime meme
Soul Eater
Soul eater is about a school where the head master is "Death" and the school consists of teenage fighters.There are Meisters and Weapons.Weapons are people who can turn into a death sythe or any weapon they can.For the Meister to wield a weapon the have to have the same soul wave length.The Meisters are the people who can wield the weapon.The main Characters are Maka,Soul,Death the kid(Deaths son)Tsubaki,Black Star,Professor Stein etc.
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