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Copy of Market Failure of Obesity - Econs Project

No description

Afsana Begum

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Market Failure of Obesity - Econs Project

Causes. Effects. Measures. Market Failure of Obesity Market failure: inefficient allocation of resources in free market Causes Obesity Unhealthy diet Lack of exercise EFFECTS of obesity Decreased Productivity Overconsumption of Healthcare Measures School Government Businesses Model School Tuck-Shop Program (MSTP)
- Set of healthier food service guidelines for schs
- Limit students’ exposure to fat, salt & sugars in food
- Sale of deep-fried food & preserved meats limited to
once per week
Increase students’access to healthier food choices in schs -> prevent obesity
Less revenue generated The Trim and Fit Program
- Sports facilities and equipment in schs -> encourage students to engage in regular physical activity
- Improved physical fitness of student population & reduced the overall prevalence of overweight students
- Overall % of overweight students decreased from 11.7% in 1993 to 9.5% in 2006.13
Increase school expenditure, opportunity cost incurred Form an Adventure Club in schs
- For students who are at risk of being obese/obese
- Different from conventional "weight-loss" clubs
- Appeal to adventurous side of students -> weekly adventure (e.g. MacRitchie 4.4km Tree-top Walk, amazing races etc)

More Stairs Less Stress New measures? Understand what market failure is
Explain the different causes of market failure learning objectives Be able to:
Understand what market failure is
Explain the different causes of market failure Causes of market failure EFFECTS of obesity what could schools do to tackle this market failure? what could the govt. do to tackle this market failure? Call for soft drink sugar tax in Budget Leading medical bodies are calling for a 20p-per-litre levy on soft drinks to be included in this year's Budget.

More than 60 organisations, including the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, are backing the recommendation by food and farming charity Sustain.

They say it would raise £1bn a year in duty to fund free fruit and meals in schools to improve children's health.

The soft drinks industry says raising taxation is unnecessary. what do you think Coca Cola could do in response to the new tax?
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