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David A Kolb and Experiential Learning

EDAE668 Rhiannon Tovani

Rhiannon Tovani

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of David A Kolb and Experiential Learning

David A Kolb "Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience." (1984, p 38) EDAE668 Rhiannon Tovani David A Kolb & Experiential Learning Experiential Learning Style Kolb's learning style theory is represented by a four stage learning cycle.
1. Concrete Experience - (a new experience of situation is encountered, or a reinterpretation of existing experience)

2. Reflective Observation (of the new experience. Of particular importance are any inconsistencies between experience and understanding)

3. Abstract Conceptualization (Reflection gives rise to a new idea, or a modification of an existing abstract concept)

4. Active Experimentation (the learner applies them to the world around them to see what results) Learning Styles and Professions
Continued The Converging learning styles tends to be dominant among professionals in the fields of technology (i.e., engineering, computer sciences, medical technology), economics, and environment science (i.e., farming, forestry). Finally, the Accommodating learning style characterizes people with careers in organizations (i.e., management, public finance, educational administration) and business (i.e., marketing, government, human resources). Learning Styles and Professions Video This video explains Kolb's Learning Theory David Kolb is an American theorist. He is most known for his work with experiential
learning. However, he is also known for his work in individual and social change, career development, and executive and professional education. Kolb is the founder and chairman of Experience Based Learning Systems and a Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland, OH David Kolb Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle Research over the years has shown that social service (i.e., psychology, nursing, social work, public policy) and arts and communications professions (i.e., theater, literature, design, journalism, media) comprise people who are heavily or primarily Diverging in their learning style. Professions in the sciences (i.e., biology, mathematics, physical sciences) and information or research (i.e., educational research, sociology, law, theology) have people with an Assimilating learning style.
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